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The 4 Elements of a Strong Social Media Strategy


Social media marketing is by far one of the most effective campaigns any business can run these days. Even with the rising competition, as well as the rising cost of social media ads, its ROI is still higher than any other kind of digital marketing, as long as you have a good social media strategy.

Read on to find out what are the 4 important elements of a strong social media strategy.

Community Growth

While sheer numbers of followers isn’t everything – many of them may be cold or even fake accounts that you won’t get any actual engagement from – growing a community of followers who are your target audience and that have an attachment or connection with your brand is what you should be aiming for. Dedicated followers mean lower advertising costs, greater reach and accelerated growth of your brand.


Engagement is really what social media, and certainly social media advertising, is built on. However, while it’s easy to get likes, comments and shares on entertaining videos, GIFs or images, it can be a lot harder to generate engagement on posts that really showcase or promote your actual brand. You will need to put your money where your mouth is and sponsor posts for your target audiences, in order to see an increase in engagement that can convert into real paying customers.

Website Clicks

The goal of all social media advertising is, of course, to get traffic to your actual website. Getting engagement on social media isn’t enough. To turn the audience you’re targeting into actual customers, you need to get them off Facebook, Instagram, or whichever platform you’re advertising from, and on to your website.


Oftentimes, a user will click on your ad, browse your site and perhaps even spend a decent amount of time on it, but leave without making a purchase, and that is where retargeting comes in. Reports have shown that consumers need to see a product several times before they will decide to make the actual purchase. You can use website pixels, email lists or video views to show ads to the users who have already visited your site, reminding them of what they looked at and persuading them to buy it.

In Closing

The world of social media advertising is a fresh and exciting one where there’s always a new strategy to try. Never stop testing what works for you and don’t get discouraged by the tactics that don’t work. By incorporating these four elements into your strategy, you will definitely be on the road to success.

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