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Instagram is Now Allowing Active Links to Other Profiles and Hashtags in Bios


Instagram is now adding changes that can help increase your in-app exposure. These changes include new link options in your profile bio, for hashtags or to other users, which your audience can connect to. According to Instagram, this can help you “express yourself and your interests, right in your bio”.

This is helpful for those marketing through their Instagram profiles, because by adding hashtags in your profile bio, your profile will show up in searches for those hashtags, multiplying your exposure many times over; but it becomes especially useful if you have created  your own brand tag. Now, adding in your own brand tag enables users to get immediate and comprehensive access to every use of that tag by simply clicking on it, which essentially shows the user an entire display of content that is related to your business and that, you must admit, is quite an advantage.

Using this hashtag can also catch the attention of other Instagram accounts with massive followings that will now be more likely to view and share your content, getting you even more exposure. It can also be used for businesses that are launching Influencer campaigns. Simply ask the influencer to add a link to your website, brand page or hashtag and their followers could soon become your next customers.

On another note, an Instagram user recently discovered a QR-code style scanning option in the back-end code of the app, whose function would most likely enable users, by scanning the tag, to be linked immediately to the corresponding profile. However, while scannable codes would be a great addition to the world of marketing and promoting on Instagram, the company has not yet offered up any comment on the possibility of the addition.

In the meantime, enjoy the benefits of Instagram’s latest features, which you can access by updating your app, if you haven’t already.