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Looking for an Alternative to Facebook? Consider LinkedIn


With Facebook having announced the arrival of news feed changes that will mean far less audience reach for Pages, many social media managers are rethinking their strategy when it comes to their chosen platforms for marketing.

Facebook has insofar been, almost indisputably, the best platform for social media managers and marketers to advertise and promote their brands. The Facebook algorithm and the traffic it has been able to generate, has made Facebook is a difficult platform to ignore and there is no doubt that not having the boost it has so far provided  will prove to be a difficult change for many.

However, while there does not currently exist another platform that can fill the hole left by Facebook’s impending changes, it’s time that we look for ways to maximise the reach we could possibly be achieving on other platforms. One platform in particular, which remains almost virtually untapped, is LinkedIn.

According to Digiday, comments, likes and shares on LinkedIn are increasing more than 60% year-on-year, due to LinkedIn’s new features, analytics and product updates. NewsWhip reports:

“…mobile referral traffic for LinkedIn across’s publisher base more than doubled and engagements on LinkedIn content have increased fourfold in the last two years for publishers like Forbes, the BBC, Bloomberg and Business Insider.”

LinkedIn’s recent changes, including a Trending Stories feed, native video and improved algorithm filtering as well as flagged improvement to groups, have placed a greater focus on content; showing users more and more relevant content.

While perhaps not a single platform will be able to boast the same kind of reach Facebook has been able to – at least not anytime soon – social media managers can certainly look to the impact their posts could have with extra promotion on a variety of different platforms – LinkedIn & Twitter in particular; and while we don’t yet know the full extent of Facebook’s changes just yet, now is still the best time for alternate platforms, like LinkedIn, to promote and make the most of their niche appeal as well as for social media managers to start utilizing these providers. After all, the sooner we adapt and find new ways to reach our audience, the better it will be for us.

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