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Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization Services

Want to be found via search engines? We can help!
We’re experts in providing digital marketing services that help your business grow organically.

Increase your search presence with our proven search engine optimization solutions and attract more potential customers. Our SEO solutions are customized for the precise needs of your business.

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Why work with us for your Search Engine Optimization needs?


Scion Social’s SEO services offer a holistic approach to increasing your search engine presence through working on your on-page & technical SEO, existing website content optimization, digital PR, social media optimization, and off-page SEO

We begin by fixing on-page and technical issues to make your website search engine friendly, and optimizing website UX/UI for a better user experience. 

From there, we move into keyword research; better understanding your industry niche and implementing keywords that will help you gain more visibility. 

Depending on your business’s goals & objectives, we zero in on the best SEO strategy and launch a link building campaign.

We help local businesses gain more visibility and search traffic by creating & optimizing their Google My Business listings, including local search terms and “near me” searches in their content strategy.

We ensure that NAP is consistent across all types of business listings, then start building local citations and getting reviews to boost credibility and trust in your business. 

How Local SEO Helped a Transportation Company in Philadelphia Read SEO Success Story

Scion’s e-commerce SEO services not only focus on attracting new customers for e-commerce businesses but also making sure that they convert, resulting in better ROI for our clients.

We ensure that the website is technically sound, has excellent page load speed, quality images, better internal linking structure & that the checkout process is smooth as silk!

In addition to optimizing product descriptions & images, we implement schema markup for products to help search engines better understand your website. We also help build brand image by focusing on getting customers reviews and feedback.

Our SEO consultation services are for clients that need help with their existing digital marketing strategy. We provide SEO audits of your website and marketing efforts, along with our analysis and recommendations to help you gain a competitive edge.

Our SEO Strategy & Approach

  • Understand the client and your business goals & objectives, research industry trends
  • Comprehensive SEO audit of your website, technical & content recommendations
  • Overall web presence audit including social media channels, backlink profile, and reviews
  • Competitor analysis, backlink profile & industry research
  • Content gaps and opportunities, quality & uniqueness
  • Keyword research, recommendations, and keyword mapping
  • Implement on-site & technical fixes (on-page SEO, content optimization, internal linking)
  • Launch off-page SEO campaign for link building & keyword ranking
  • Monitor content marketing & link building efforts, analyse, refine & repeat the process

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How Scion Social Can Help You With SEO Services (FAQs)

SEO is search engine optimization. It’s a continuous process of improving the visibility of your website in search engines like Google & Bing. It helps your business attract more visitors to your website.

SEO not only helps you understand your audience but also improves your overall business performance in a cost effective way.

If you want to improve your online presence, generate leads and establish your brand, you need SEO.

Generally, search engine optimization services include in-depth SEO audit, Keyword & Content strategy, on-page & off-page optimization along with competitor analysis. It basically depends on a business’s goals and objectives.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing services utilise paid advertising to promote a product or service on search engines. It generally is known as pay-per-click (PPC), or cost-per-click (CPC) advertising.

It depends on what SEO strategy we are deciding to reach goals and objectives of a business. And since each business is different, it is not possible to provide a time frame that can be applied to all websites. 

So, it usually depends on the goals and objectives, but having said that, it generally takes anywhere from 4 to 12 months time, just to start seeing an increase in traffic. 

Black hat SEO is a set of techniques or practices that do not follow search engine guidelines, or rather manipulate those guidelines to get a website rank higher in SERPs. Also known as spamdexing!

White hat SEO is a set of ethical techniques that respect search engine guidelines to promote a website on search engines. 

Google has provided some recommended SEO methods and techniques for webmasters

Search engine optimization is important because it provides a platform for a business to reach its potential customers, engage with them and provide value for their money.

Local search engine optimization is very similar to SEO, but more focused on improving the visibility of a website in its vicinity on SERPs.

SEO helps target quality traffic.

It helps build credibility and authority.

It is cost effective, you don’t need to pay to be visible on SERPs.

It increases your brand visibility.

It provides a great web experience.

It helps you expand your market and reach new customers.

It improves your Digital marketing ROI.

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