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5 Instagram Story Ideas That Never Fail to Engage Followers


Instagram Stories have hit a daily user count of 500 million! Feeds are slowly becoming past tense and stories are grabbing eyeballs by the second. You could point to our already declining attention span for this shift or just the incredible attractive features that Instagram Stories possess.

The challenge with stories is that you’ll have to get people’s attention in a matter of seconds and this gets tougher with loads of stories being uploaded every day or rather every second.

These 5 stunning story ideas will help you engage your followers in the best possible way!

Question the Curious Cat:

Whether it’s business or pleasure, boggling mind with questions is always an effective way to draw attention and sustain attention. Simple poll questions like Your favourite dessert buddy? Cake or Ice cream and (use a #poll) to questions like what do you like the most about Summer?

Mood Mix:

Not all days are perfect and your followers know that. And so, when things are in a disarray and the day isn’t going as smooth as you thought it would; whatever mood you may be in, share that with them. If you’re waiting for someone for hours and are bored or are hurrying to buy the last pair of shoes that’s on sale-anything at all!. This way they see the person behind the profile.

Where Where Where??!!:

Stories tagged with the location get 50% more views. An event, your holiday destination, your workplace, favourite restaurant. Wherever you go they’ll follow, so you gotta tell them where!

Tough Tease:

Launching a new product or getting hitched soon? Teaser stories are great attention grabbers. A picture of your new product in wraps with #guesswhat or a picture of two wedding rings entangled and #coming soon. They’ll be hooked and on the lookout for the next hint!

Shoot Shoutouts:

The best way to do a shoutout for your friend who’s doing something on stage or for anyone who’s work/posts interest you, is through stories. Sharing a screenshot of their posts on your feed will just throw your aesthetics off, won’t it? Stories are more about action than they are about aesthetics. Tag your friend and ask them to #follow.

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