5 Ways to Maximize Twitter for Your Business in 2018


Today we’re going to talk about Twitter – everyone’s favourite micro-blog platform that, from its creation in March 2006, has amassed over 330 million active monthly users. While it’s true that Twitter did see a decline in usage over the last … [Continue reading]

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11 Technical SEO Tips to Boost Google Rankings


If you’re looking to rank higher on Google, you need to ensure your website is up to snuff from a technical standpoint. Following are 11 tips for success that will help improve your ranking. Make Sure Your Site is Mobile- Friendly Not only does the … [Continue reading]

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New Ways to Gain Social Media Reach, Interactions and Followers in 2018


As we go into 2018, here are some general, as well as platform-specific, tips and tricks you can use to boost your social media reach and get you better interaction and more followers. General Tips for Better Social Media Reach and Interaction … [Continue reading]

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LinkedIn’s Adding New Notifications to Alert Users to In-Demand Skills


In case you haven’t heard yet, LinkedIn has rolled out a new tool. This tool is based on “trending skills”, which are skills other users with the same history or job titles as you have, and which you can add to your own profile. LinkedIn explained … [Continue reading]

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How Long Before You Start Earning Money Blogging?


The main question every prospective blogger usually has is: When or how long will it be before the results start to show? Whether you’re a company blogging for your brand, to gain more customers or an individual looking to make a profit off your … [Continue reading]

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