22 Amazing Email Marketing Tools Your Business Needs in 2017


E-mail marketing serves a manifold purpose in this digital age. It’s a free marketing platform - which is always a plus – and we use it to engage our current customers as well as convert new customers. We use it to advertise, solicit business and … [Continue reading]

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Science behind Visual Content


Before we start, here are a few facts for you (backed by science and market research, naturally): 30% of collective internet usage is currently dedicated to social media use and interaction 65% of all humans are visual learners Everyone … [Continue reading]

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Want Optimised Landing Pages? Focus on Re-targeting

Optimised Landing Pages

Every marketer is aware of the fact that close to 98% of the people who visit their website are not ready to buy. Forget about calculating the number of conversions, sometimes they are not even ready to fill out the form they see on your landing … [Continue reading]

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Pinterest Brings You Good News With New Re-Targeting Options And More!

Pinterest Updates

Pinterest is working hard to evolve their business model and develop the platform into a key hub for eCommerce. Over the past twelve months, the platform has released a range of new, business-focused tools, including native video, improved discovery … [Continue reading]

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What Happens You Put I and We For Your Brand?

I and We For your Brand

You are the voice of your brand when it comes to social media. It is now your decision as to how you address your fans, using the pronoun 'I' or 'we'. Both the scenarios have their pros and cons. Below is a an analysis done by Likeable which will … [Continue reading]

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