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Increase Your YouTube Views With These 3 Awesome Tips


You may wonder how some videos have a million views in just seconds. You have the right content but you are just not able to get the number of views that you would ideally want to achieve. Here are a couple of super awesome tips and tricks put together by Dreamgrow.

Basic YouTube Branding Tactics

Ok, you know all about having a logo, right? I hope so, as it is the single most important branding moment in the life of your channel. What your logo looks like is up to you, but take some basic tips and be sure to hire a professional if you want to be taken seriously.

Your other key branding opportunities, which we can touch on quickly, include:

  • Having a regular schedule for when you post. Some channels post at the same time every day, other post weekly at the same time. Find your fit within that plan and stick to it.
  • Your logo should be incorporated into your profile image, and it must be added to your header image in some way.
  • Speaking of the header image, it’s smart to include your publishing schedule in it as well.
  • Your thumbnails are the last visual side of your presentation to look at. These should have a consistent visual look, and be created custom for each video. Don’t ever use the options that YouTube give you, they’re all bad and are in no way optimized for real YouTube marketing.
  • If your videos feature a regular host, consider giving them a consistent backdrop. Think about Ray William Johnson’s Watchmen backdrop, or Philip DeFranco’s living room, as examples of what you can do. Creating a familiar atmosphere is comforting to fans.

To give you a good example of what you can do, check out this header image from The Fung Bros.


They use their text logo, having their faces as the profile image is as good as a logo, they have their schedule right there, and they also include their topics. Perfect.

Video Outros and Intros

To be fair, intros are not very big on YouTube. Nor should they be. On TV you have an opening theme song, but YouTube audiences rarely have the patience for that. Philip DeFranco is a user who has experimented with intros off and on for years. He had an animated intro featuring his monkey logo, but has been using this for the last 3 months:

If an established YouTuber like Philip uses an intro no longer than one sentence, “Wassup, you beautiful bastards…” then you shouldn’t push your luck either.

Outros, however, are not optional and should be perfected. If you watched that Philip DeFranco video all the way through you would have seen a really good outro. Here’s another example from How It Should Have Ended:


They have included:

  • A push to subscribe to their channel
  • Three different videos of theirs to watch
  • Links to their social media
  • Links to their store

There is so much good stuff going on here that viewers can’t help but click on it. And what happens when they click? They stay engaged with this channel for longer instead of not knowing what to do next and going to Cracked instead. Your viewers are always one click away from leaving you …but with a good outro they’re also one click away from staying with you.

YouTube Catchphrases

All of your favorite TV shows have had catchphrases. From Will Smith’s “You know what I’m sayin’?! You know what I mean?!”, to Sheldon’s “Bazinga!” there have always been catchphrases.

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