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14 Popular LinkedIn Plugins and Apps


Apps and plugins enhance the LinkedIn experience for your connections and allow you to do more with your profile. Most of these are free and easy to get, so pick a handful and add them to your profile. Here are 14 of the most popular – and these are only the tip of the iceberg!

Share on LinkedIn – This is a button for your website just like the Facebook ‘Like’ button. When a visitor clicks it, they automatically share your site’s link with their connections.

Recommend with LinkedIn – Recommend is the same basic idea as the share button. Visitors click on your link and recommend it to everyone in their network.

LinkedIn Login Plugin – When this plugin is installed on your site, your visitors can log in to their LinkedIn account directly.

Amazon Reading List – This popular app lets you see what your connections are reading and this gives you insight into their interests. When you sign up, you can add the books you’ve read or would like to read.

Blog Link – Blog Link automatically pulls blogs from your blog network and puts them on your profile. It turns your profile into a kind of blog feed, which means automatic content creation.

LinkedIn Events – If you have lots of events to promote, LinkedIn Events automates sharing them with your connections.

SlideShare – This is an app that shows slideshow presentations on your profile. You can show your products and services to everybody who stops by just by creating a brief series of PowerPoints.

Huddle on LinkedIn – Huddle gives you a collaborative workspace using LinkedIn where you can work with others. This is great for company pages.

Apply with LinkedIn – Since so many people use the site for job searching, Apply with LinkedIn lets people apply directly through the site, making it much easier for both of you.

Google Presentations – Like SlideShare, Google Presentations showcases projects you’ve recently done. Presentations is synchronized with other Google products like Google Docs and PowerPoint. You only have to upload the file and it’s shared.

LinkedIn Members Profile Plugin – This is another plugin that you put on your blog. It shows LinkedIn members that are connected with you through the site, turning your blog into an extension of the social media site.

Company Insider Plugin – This plugin shows your employees to people who visit your company page. It updates automatically with new hires or people who have moved or changed their job status.

Behance Creative Photo Display – This app offers a host of options for creating a customized portfolio to show off your work alongside your work history.

You can find LinkedIn apps by looking under Edit Profile. Under your Profile Highlight box, click on the link that says Add Sections. You can then scroll down and browse all the apps that are available. You can also access some LinkedIn plugins at the site’s developers’ page –


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