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LinkedIn Provides Data on Top Performing Content on their Platform in 2017


Facebook’s recent changes -which restrict organic reach for pages – means that a lot of brands are now looking to other platforms, in order to augment the marketing reach they’ve lost on Facebook. One such platform is LinkedIn, which has recently received a boost in content activity, with more than a 60% year- on- year increase in comments, likes and shares on the platform.

So, the question is which topics are currently piquing user interest and gaining momentum on LinkedIn? This week LinkedIn released its ‘Content Insights Annual’ for 2017, which provides us with a rundown of the top performing topics of last year.

Apart from the likely interest-generating topics, ‘Start-Ups’, ‘Entrepreneurship’, ‘Retail’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ featured prominently, as did ‘Security’. Topics such as ‘Funding’, ‘Angel Investing’ and ‘Electric Vehicles’ made the list of fast growing topics as well.

Based off this list, it’s safe to say that LinkedIn isn’t going to stray very far from professionally-centered topics anytime soon. As LinkedIn is a business networking platform, this is to be expected – the average LinkedIn user wants to see informative content that is business-related. However, though LinkedIn may not be an ideal platform for promotions, as Facebook was, its focus on business-related topics does make it an ideal platform for showcasing your professional expertise and industry-related knowledge. LinkedIn’s recent algorithm changes mean that users see more of the content they are interested in, which can give your content a boost as well.

The list is a useful one, as it’s important to know where your content fits on LinkedIn and whether it’s worth publishing on LinkedIn or selecting another platform that your content might perform better on. The same content that you would share on Twitter or Instagram cannot simply be copied to LinkedIn. As on any platform, you should ensure your content is a tailored fit for LinkedIn, in order to get the results you are looking for.