How to Rank on a LinkedIn Search in 7 Days

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LinkedIn is THE networking site to be on these days; a platform for other industry specialists to view your professional profile and a good opportunity to present yourself at your best. However, many of us haven’t optimized our LinkedIn profiles to the point that we are getting maximum mileage out of it. As a result, we end up getting only a few profile visits, and even fewer job opportunities.

For that reason, we took a look at what business profiles that got a lot of views and ranked high in the search results were doing right and have collected the best points here for you to benefit from:


  1. Profile picture: Your profile picture is your first impression, and that’s how you should think of it. Unlike Facebook, where it’s accepted to be as casual as you like, LinkedIn is a professional’s platform. That means that you should treat it as your office and your photo should look the way you would if you were walking into a business meeting, determined to impress a new client. Make your photo a professional, clean- cut head shot.
  2. Profile description: Unless you’re the CEO of a world-famous company, let’s be honest, no one out there really cares about your position. Instead, think of keywords that describe what you do and that will show up when someone searches for your particular skills. Believe me when I say, it is much more effective.
  3. Optimize your summary: Your summary should start with a question – a question that gets prospective clients thinking about how you can help them. At first glance, your summary should answer the question: what can you do for them? Write the summary as if you were talking to just one person. Keywords are also very important here. Your summary should contain the keywords or buzzwords particular to your industry and these keywords should be repeated again in checklist form at the end of your summary, describing each one of your skills. People may not read through paragraphs, but everyone loves a checklist, so be sure to include that.


The important thing to remember when creating your profile description and summary is to optimize according to your niche. Some industries are highly competitive, making it more difficult to stand out, and you will have to rise to the challenge; but by keeping these 3 vital points in mind and updating your profile accordingly, we can guarantee much better search results, resulting in better network connections for you.

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22 Amazing Email Marketing Tools Your Business Needs in 2017

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E-mail marketing serves a manifold purpose in this digital age. It’s a free marketing platform – which is always a plus – and we use it to engage our current customers as well as convert new customers. We use it to advertise, solicit business and build awareness of our brand.

But email marketing can be tiresome. It’s no small task to create and maintain a system by which you are getting the most effective results with the least amount of work.

Enter e-mail marketing tools. These beauties come equipped with the tools that pretty much do the job for you and we have compiled a list of 22 of the very best of them for your benefit. Enjoy!


  • Build your emails on a custom editor and preview more than 70 email clients at a time
  • Enhance your marketing efforts with geo-location automation and device open insight
  • Get a landing check to view the full results of your email

Mail Chimp:

  • Straightforward and user-friendly layout, easy for anyone to learn to use
  • Save time with prebuilt marketing automation
  • Create an integrated campaign by being able to view what your clients are purchasing.

Reach Mail:

  • Get on- the- spot campaign creation and result comparison and analysis
  • Use the advanced spam checker tool so your email isn’t marked as spam
  • Let it regularly check for and clean out “bad” addresses
  • Zero in on what the customer is looking for by creating your own surveys in just a few minutes

Target Mail:

  • Employ real-time analytics for the best results
  • Utilize its campaign management and automation tools
  • Send an unlimited amount of emails and maintain up to 5,000 contacts for your email marketing campaign

Mad Mimi:

  • Receive access to 39 different social media websites and get a detailed analysis of your campaign in real-time
  • Copy your previous marketing strategies and campaigns into a new one to retain and reuse them
  • Get in-depth statistics by integration with Google Analytics

Flash Issue:

  • Use their drag and drop editor to make creating emails easier
  • Effective content saturation with targeted email ID’s
  • Unlock extra features with tool interaction

Mail Jet:

  • Optimize your emails with analysis and statistics
  • Combine template based and transactional email marketing for better results
  • Test multiple emails and send out the best product with A/X testing


  • Create emails more efficiently with the drag and drop editor tool
  • Get new customers by registered email addresses on any AWeber connection website being automatically added to the program
  • Choose from a wide selection of over 700 templates

Constant Contact:

  • Personalize your emails with individual greetings for customers
  • Easy customization with the drag and drop feature
  • Receive a comprehensive analysis and report of your campaign



  • Turn your website visitors into subscribers with a sign-up form
  • Streamline email creation with templates and HTML code options
  • Regulate emails to be sent to your target audience with the auto-responder feature

Get Response:

  • Keep up with your customers by tracking the subscriptions, complaints, emails and un-subscribers
  • Create targeted campaigns with custom contact fields and search options
  • Analyze your data with graph and diagram charts


  • Integrate your campaign with Zoho CRM to get the best results
  • Create a landing page and share your campaigns on social media
  • Generate more eye-catching emails with a wide range of templates

Campaign Monitor:

  • Upload and integrate a variety of formats such as CSV, Excel and Tab Delimited
  • Customize your campaigns with ease
  • Get comfortable with the user-friendly interface


  • Make your opinion heard with inter-community voting
  • Upgrade your marketing with multiple templates to choose from
  • Add HTML and CSS with the visual editor tool

Vertical Response:

  • Get all your results at a glance with a chart that displays users, statistics, response rate and click details
  • Gain up to 40% new customers with automated follow-up emails
  • Create campaigns that are optimized for mobile users

Infusion Soft:

  • Utilize the app as a task manager as well as an email marketing tool
  • Create professional flowchart campaigns

Active Campaign:

  • Get automatic updates to your campaign as your update your website content
  • Reach your target audience with automated intelligence-driven marketing
  • Create and run behavior-driven campaigns


  • Increase the efficiency of your campaign with geo-targeting
  • Add RSS-driven content to the subject line or body of your emails
  • Let it import and sort all your email contacts for you

Red Cappi:

  • Monitor your campaign in real-time
  • Create custom email campaigns as well as social media campaigns
  • Efficiently manage your data by syncing it between more than 750 different apps


  • Get precise sale details by integration with CRM
  • Efficient campaign running for smaller groups
  • Smaller group activity yields better data analysis of your campaign


  • Discover which emails were unopened during creation of subsequent campaigns
  • Target your campaigns with customer behavior based analysis


  • Use on multiple platforms, such as Google, Android and Outlook
  • Predict customer responses using the insights tool
  • Put incoming mail on hold with the Inbox Pause feature


  • Track the progress of each email
  • Activate follow-up emails with the Rebump option
  • Analyze your emails to ensure their read-worthiness


Utilizing the amazing features these tools offer can completely revolutionize your email marketing campaigns. If you haven’t downloaded a few of them already, make sure you do it today to start reaping the many benefits as soon as you can.

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