How to Convert Your Social Media Followers into Paying Customers

How to Convert Your Social Media Followers into Paying Customers
If you’ve been a regular on social media over the last couple of years, as most people are, you will have noticed that the promotion of brands through social media has gained a lot of momentum in a very short period of time. The reason behind this is clear. With an estimated 2.8 billion people using social media in 2016 and a 21% rise in 2017 alone, there is no doubt that we are living in the social media age. However, even if your brand page or account has a lot of followers, converting those followers into paying customers – though that is the ultimate goal – can be tricky. Here are 4 ways to turn your followers into customers.

Have a Designated Landing Page

The reasoning behind this is straightforward. If led to your home page, the user may browse, lose interest and leave. The main goal, when someone clicks on your Google Adwords or Facebook Ad, is to get their contact information, which you can then use to market your brand to them further. The best way to get a user’s email address is to offer them a lead magnet in exchange for their information. Hence, the importance of a good landing page.

Special Deals

Who doesn’t love a good deal? The very idea that you are getting something for less than the market price is enough to motivate just about anyone to go ahead and buy it (Black Friday, anyone?). If the deal is time-bound – 24 hours only, for example – this increases its value and the gives the customer a sense of urgency. Even better; market the deal only to your followers on social media. This gives an impression of exclusivity as well as affinity and, more often than not, will turn a follower into a customer faster than anything else.

Host a Contest

Fact: People love having their favourite brands share or repost one of their photos. As a follower of many brands on social media, I can assure you this is true. The best way to solicit some great customer-generated content is to host a contest. Ask your followers to post a photo of your product – or of them with your product – come up with a unique hashtag for them to include in the post, a covetable prize for the winner, and you’re set. Even though there will only be one winner, this will get your followers engaged and all of their followers will see it too, which is basically free advertising and who doesn’t want that?

Add Value

We’ve all seen those Twitter posts that went viral; you know, the ones where a customer tweets the company, maybe even with a complaint, and the brand replies quickly, solving the problem and maybe even adding in a bit of banter. That is effective marketing. It humanizes your brand and sets you apart from other brands. Responding in a timely and helpful manner will keep your existing customers happy and loyal as well as convert numerous others into paying customers.

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The Insanely Simple Guide to Getting Noticed on Social Media

The Insanely Simple Guide to Getting Noticed on Social Media
Have you been experiencing frustration in your attempts to get your posts noticed on social media? Maybe you’ve rolled out post after post but you simply aren’t getting the engagement or traction you’re looking for. The good news is that there are lots of little tips and tricks you can utilize to get increased engagement from your followers. Read on to find out what they are.

Be Authentic

People respond to realness. They like to know that others feel the same way they do.  Tell a story. Show your human side and don’t be afraid of vulnerability.

Feel It

Your audience should feel something: Inspired, happy, relieved, sad, nostalgic, motivated. Whatever the feeling, make sure it’s present because those feelings are what will bring your audience back time and again.

Keep it Simple

Keep your paragraphs short, no longer than 3 sentences. This style keeps readers engaged and entertained and more likely to read till the end of the post.

Less is More

Try to limit blog posts to 1,500 words. Even the most avid reader will lose interest in a story that carries on endlessly. Delete the fillers and unnecessary explanations. Stick to the point and get there in time.

Give it Away

The truth is that when you’re just starting out, people aren’t going to want to pay for what you have to offer. Once you have a loyal following, they will, but it will take some time to get there. In the meantime, just give it away.

Try Just Text

Some posts are better kept to just text, as a video or photo can actually take away from what you’re trying to get across to your audience.

Minimalist Pictures

Don’t overdo it with the photo; let it simply be an enhancement of your post, not the whole message. In the same vein, be careful when using stock images. The internet is saturated with them, which means that they are not likely to draw any special attention from your audience.

Focus: Headline and Feature Image

When sharing your blog posts on social media, make sure your headline and feature image are attention-grabbing. The idea is that a user should pause in their scrolling when they see it. Disclaimer: an attention-grabbing headline is not the same thing as click bait. No one likes click bait and making that mistake even once can have a negative effect on your future posts.

Stay Humble

When speaking about your personal experiences, be careful not to brag. Posts that are brimming over with ego will be given a wide berth by the majority of the audience you are trying to attract. When telling your story, tell it from the perspective of what your readers can gain rather than how much you have to offer.

Inspire to Action

Keep it inspirational; keep it motivating and give your audience clear steps they can follow to make it work. It’s about adding value and delivering workable solutions, not just getting likes.


A great way to engage an audience is to collaborate with another person on social media who already has the kind of audience you are trying to attract.

There are a couple of ways to go about it:

  1. Email them and request a collaboration, or for them to share your posts or vice versa.
  2. Build a relationship with them on social media, or by email or chat and then ask them if you can tag them in your posts.

 Don’t take advantage of these collaborations by overdoing it and try not to tag them without asking them first. That’s not good social media manners.

Kindness Costs Nothing

When readers and followers message you, respond. Help others who are just starting out – write the post, share the photo, do the shout-out, say thank you often. It’s the little things that gain you a loyal following.

Support Good Causes

There are a lot of causes on social media. When you see one that speaks to you, share it and support it. Don’t do it to get an audience; but to spread good and kindness.


Well, there you have it readers. Try these the next time you post something. By tweaking things just a little, you can get the social media gains you’re looking for.

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