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5 Super Simple Ways To Build Your Online Presence


We’re around 7.7 billion people in the world and more than half of us are social media users, to be precise, around 3.5 billion of them! Are you leveraging social media to get to this savvy population?

Digital marketing has been around since 1990, in fact, the first clickable banner was live in 1994, it was the ‘You Will’ campaign by AT&T. Since then, digital marketing has come a long way and with the advent of social media, digital marketing has evolved to unimaginable levels.

This blog tells you what you need to build a strong online presence for your brand with the digital marketing of 2019.

A Mobile-friendly Website: By 2020, at least 2.8 billion will be active smartphone users; which means you’ve got to tap a huge number of the population through apps, websites, and other customer engagement strategies that keep your brands in your customer’s pockets & purses! A mobile-friendly website is also a big ranking factor in Google.


High-Value Content: Your customers need to find value in your brand and you have to be in the constant pursuit of creative platforms that will help you help them find value in you. There’s a wide range of content platforms like infographics, blogs, videos etc. all of which contribute substantially to your online presence. You need to get people talking about your brand and quality and creative content will help you do that!


Timeless Networking: Good networking cannot wait! Social media has broken boundaries and made networking as fluid as it can be. Take advantage of this and network with people who’ll believe in your brand. LinkedIn is the ideal B2B networking platform, that gives you a wide and varied database that you can reach out to. Reaching out has become a piece of cake through social media, at the same time you’re expected to be a brand that’s approachable and open to moving along with online trends.


Prolific Community Engagement: Having a killer social media strategy isn’t enough. You may succeed in attracting potential leads but those leads will convert only through community engagement. Dive deep into your customer’s desires, questions and suggestions and give them a more personalized experience of your brand. Chatbots are great, but the human touch which every customer will need at some point in time is through dynamic community engagement.


Keep Tracking, Keep Updating: Suffocating your social media page with posts and photos constantly, will not work. You need to have a plan and once you do, you need to find out if you’re plan is working. Track your posts, your blogs, your website traffic. Which post is doing better, which images are attracting more likes, which landing page is getting people to notice. You will in some time, have tried and tested strategies which will never fail you. But social media is such, that if you’re not changing, you’re not growing. Be open to new platforms, new ways of writing copy or new design trends; you got to look ahead to stay ahead!


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