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How to Grow Organic Traffic Without Ranking Your Website?


Wondering how your website can hit the first page of a Google search? Using SEO and SERP to rank your website can sound like a great idea! However, getting the ranking you want—especially with competitive search terms—can be like searching for the holy grail. That shouldn’t discourage you, though. It is possible to grow organic traffic without ranking your website. 

Optimize Everything

The user experience is everything for Google. So, unsurprisingly, your page loading speed can actually affect your ranking. Studies find that users leave a page if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds, so make sure you stay below that benchmark. Also, most people use their phones to browse these days, so make sure your website is optimized for mobiles!

Sponsoring Could be the Answer  

Sometimes, the keywords are just too competitive. However, you can’t just give up on those words, because they’re extremely valuable! Another way to get yourself onto the map, virtually, is by sponsoring content. Although niche and authoritative websites may have the monopoly on a particular keyword, you can make a deal to sponsor content so it links back to your website. 

Go the Alternative Route

Oftentimes, certain ‘ahem’ large websites completely dominate the top ranking for a lot of keywords. This can lead to people searching for content which is an alternative to the aforesaid websites. When you’re a competitor, it’s important to latch onto this opportunity by using getting your website linked to one of the listicle-style articles that come up when people search for an alternative to ‘blank’ on Google. You can do this by pitching the authors of aforesaid listicles, use guest blogging, or you can write your own blogs with the alternative keywords and try and take advantage of this ‘alternative route’. 

Be the Best

A popular way to rank on Google is by using ‘best’ keywords (ex. best social media marketing agencies). However, SERPs are smart enough to realize that the people searching don’t want to go to just one website. Instead, round up articles from media sources. A great way to get your business ranking for ‘best’ keywords is by getting your company included in these media articles. 

Use Other Properties

If you have multiple keywords you want to rank for, it can be tough to get your website optimized for all of them. You can still rank them, by using other properties to get these additional keywords. Properties like Yelp allow you to edit titles and make a few changes, so you are essentially able to use SEO to optimize these pages and get them to rank. 

Videos Work

Keyword research has shown that there is a huge search volume for people looking for reviews of products. A lot of the time, searchers prefer videos when searching these reviews. A great way you can capture these search results is by creating your own YouTube channel and churning out videos, or by getting an influencer to create a video review of your product. 

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