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How To Utilize Customer Relationship Management For Brand Success


There is more to a CRM than what meets the eye. It is not only a typical database utilized by the agents within a call center setting to call or receive calls from customers. Though CRM can sort the customers and help agents within a call center, but the real worth of Customer Relationship Management is the edge it provides to brands striving for long lasting relations with their customers. And in the present times every brand, no matter how big or small, wants to have a long term relation with their customers. Sadly, CRM is not used to its fullest potential and the companies do not get any major benefit from them. So, below are some ideas which would help brands completely utilize the potential of CRM:

  • Put Away the Scripts: There are many times when scripts are necessary, at other times brands just want to play it safe by utilizing a script. But in reality scripts can become a roadblock in relationship building. The caller can hint the scripts quicker than brands think and it frustrates the customer who called for a spontaneous communication. Most of the agents are also frustrated by the presence of a script because it forces the agents to tilt conversation in one direction whereas it should logically flow in another direction. Let the agents be natural in their conversation, let the conversation move in the direction it should naturally go. This will help keep the customers interested.
  • Create an Empathetic Bond: Long term customer relations do not happen all of a sudden. Brands need to persevere with the customers. Most important aspect that should be evident in any communication is the empathy. The customers are calling up for a reason. The reason is a problem which has hampered their schedule. So, the agent taking the call should understand the customers’ problems. When the customer confronts an agent who shows equal sympathy for the problems of customer and tries to address the problem quickly, the customer will be happy. This is a way to build long term relations with the customers.
  • VIP Line: There are some customers that are one timer, no matter how hard you try. But then there are others that shop from one destination time after time. These are valuable people for your brand. Why not give them a VIP treatment that would keep them happy. The VIP treatment will also make them feel that their association with the brand is mutually rewarding. This is why the brands should set up a dedicated line solely for the best and oldest customers. This should be a high priority line, where the customers can directly speak with the agents. They do not have to waste time waiting in the queues. The line should be tackled by best agents from the call center as loyal customers are worth their weight in gold.
  • Recognition of Telephone Numbers: The modern technology has made sure that the telephone number of the customer is recognized early. This technology is known as Calling Line Identity (CLI). This is popularly seen with the mobile phones. But the technology can be used by the call centers by linking the telephone system to the database using CTI. Such a set up would allow the agents to get a Pop up notification containing caller details on the agent screen as soon as the call is connected. Though the technology can look expensive at first look, but it can be cost effective when used over the years.
  • Special Call Routing: If you want to provide customized services to loyal customers then the quickest way is to set up call routing database. As many as top 100 customers can be included in this database. This will not require purchase of any additional hardware and thus it is cost effective. The principle for the set up is same as with mobile phones, where the names are programmed into the system.
  • Secret Lines for Frequent Callers: There are some callers who would ring up the customer support number more than the others. If they have to go through the same menu selection and waiting in queue every time, then they will be frustrated and leave your brand. So why not have a secret line for these customers. The system can keep a track of these frequent callers and re-route them directly to an agent. This will build confidence and inspire the customers to get in touch with the brand for any help.
  • Seeking Professional Help: Apart from following these steps you can also contact an experienced Customer Relationship Management expert and ask for suggestions. CRM is a vital aspect for any business and if an experienced professional can give you an edge then it is a worth investment.

As you can see CRM can help you keep customers happy and loyal. As CRM is an important business aspect, so some best practices should be followed.


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