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Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses on a Budget



It seems as though Facebook rolls out changes to its platform on an almost weekly basis, and many of these changes have a direct impact on how small businesses are able to leverage the social network for their marketing needs. It’s especially challenging for those companies that are on a limited budget. To make things a little easier, let’s take a look at some of the recent Facebook modifications and how you can use them to your advantage on just about any budget.

Create content of value. Similar to the changes Google recently implemented, Facebook has modified its algorithm to feature content that is considered to be authoritative or of value to other users. In other words, content that is engaging, entertaining and useful to your audience. Make sure you’re developing and sharing this type of quality content to maximize your chances of reaching your target audience.

Avoid click-baiting. We’ve all seen them…those tempting headline teasers that end with something along the lines of “and you’ll never guess what happened…” This is done deliberately in an attempt to get more people to click on the link, hence the term “baiting,” and it’s sort of frowned upon by Facebook. Instead, focus on writing captivating, informative headlines that allow people to choose what they want to click on to read more.

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