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5 Steps To A Successful Mobile Marketing Message


The world of business is discovering the power of mobile marketing, the incredible response rates are something every business dreams of – however in such a personal form of communication you need to make sure you get your message right.

5 Steps To A Successful Mobile Marketing Message So here are 5 easy steps to follow to make sure your first mobile marketing campaign will be a success.

Step 1 – Your data

When collecting your data make sure it is as accurate and as up to date as possible – collect and store as much detail as you can about your customers as this will help you in the long term and the next step.

Step 2 – Every customer is different

Special and personal treatment is what every customer wants and by segmenting your customers into different contact groups you will be able to send them more relevant messages. Segment your customers into different groups depending on gender, age, hobbies and interests etc. The more relevant your message is the more response rates you will achieve.

Step 3 – Writing your first message

In your first message it is very tempting to dive straight in at the deep end and start sending offers out here there and everywhere. However I suggest a more subtle introduction text first explaining to your customers what they can expect from your mobile service and put their mind at rest that you are not going to pester them with loads of messages.

Step 4 – Sender ID

The sender ID is what tells the customer who the message is from and most SMS providers will allow you to change this to whatever you want – I suggest your business name.

Step 5 – What time to send

After you have written your message you need to decide what time to send it, think about your messages content and put yourself in your customers shoes – would they like to receive your message at this time? Is your message relevant at that time? It is important to remember every customer is different but by following these 5 steps you should be able to build a platform for your future mobile marketing exploits. Experiment with your messages, content wise, offers, timing etc. and by viewing your campaign analytics you should be able to see what works best for your customers and what they prefer.