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Sophisticated Social Media Marketing Is The Way To Go


Social media continues to grow and thus creates new social media posts every day. With so many updates to the job description, we have a lot of Jacks of the Trade emerging out of nowhere.

In today’s world to be the best at what you do people need an explanation and a reason followed by solid proof. Now how exactly so you go about doing all this without facing any glitches on the way?

The Road To Getting Social Media Right

We have here some data that has been compiled by Social Media Explorer for the common good of the world.

Marketing legends such as Dennis Yu; CFO/Founder at BlitzMetrics, Brian Swichkow; CEO/Founder atGhost Influence, Blake Jamieson; CEO/Founder at TinderHacks, and a few others are perfect examples of what a professional, data driven, social media professional should do.

1. Never Make Assumptions

We have access to more data than ever before which means we no longer have to guess on what our audiences actually want to see! Rather, we can use cold hard data to inform our decisions. There is nothing worse than seeing an entire content or social media marketing campaign go out without the crucial research in place. Tools like BlitzMetric, Nuvi, and BuzzSumo are just a few of the many social media data tools that are absolutely crucial to properly inform a campaign.

2. Expect & Prepare for Overload

No one can predict how viral a social media campaign will be so we should always have a plan for overload. A lot of social media campaigns fail and as a result many social media-marketers forget to prepare for when they are actually successful. It’s so important to consider the way your content is being delivered. This includes load time, caching your site via mobile so that the user’s mobile device doesn’t have to request the page over and over again leading to possibly crashing your server!

To avoid these things from happening and to optimize your content your campaign, you can useContent Delivery Networks (CDNs). Understanding and paying attention to small details like this are what divide the pro’s from the noobs. Remember that for any area in life, success always lives in the details.

3. Track Everything

Tracking is the only way we will be able to know if and why our campaigns did well. Google Analytics,Twitter Cards, Facebook and Google Tags are all key components to tracking the success of your campaigns. Another thing to keep in mind is something called “Dark Social.” Dark social is a term for the social media site traffic that comes in as “direct” traffic. This happens when someone texts, emails or clicks on a click from a non-secure network. The referral source in theses cases would not be passed.

“Success always lives in the details”

How do we fix this? To track dark social media traffic we need to use URL builders and URL shorteners, such and Google URL builder. These link tracking tools allow us to see the social media link that has come in as direct traffic, and from there we can separate it out and attribute it appropriately.