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Social Media Trends to Put Into Practice in 2018


If you want to save your time and money (because who doesn’t?), it will be useful for you to know which emerging Social Media trends are the best ones to jump into this year. Hootsuite recently shared their social media trends for 2018 and here’s what made the list.

The Evolution of Social ROI

Organisations that have previously struggled with ROI are discovering greater success by increasing the value of social across the customer lifecycle.

Mobile Viewing Fuels the Growth of Social TV

As greater numbers of consumers use their smartphones to watch videos, this provides social networks with a unique opportunity to create new forms of TV content, entertainment and news. In fact – according to Cisco – by 2019, 86% of all web traffic will be claimed by videos. An astounding thought.

Trust Declines and Peer Influence Rises

The consumer’s trust in large companies and their CEO’s is on the decline. Customers now turn, instead, to influencers, real customer communities and people they can connect with on a relatable level.

Artificial Intelligence

According to Narrative Science, 38% of organisations used AI in 2017 and this is expected to increase to 62% by the end of 2018. However, brands using AI must ensure that their AI strategies remain human, helpful and relevant.

The Promise and Reality of Social Data

Currently, 96% of online conversation is not brand related. Using social media to grow your brand and gain influence is definitely possible and is, in fact, on the rise, but for its capacity to be realised, it will still take some time.