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Simple and Effective Tips for Recruiting with Social Media


Simple and Effective Tips for Recruiting with Social Media

Building a great company starts with hiring great people, and social media provides a way for you to directly connect to high-caliber employees. The exponential growth of social media sites provides unprecedented access to huge numbers of people who have posted their career experience and other information that recruiters look for. Gone are the days of hoping that hard-to-find talent stumbles upon a job post – social media makes it possible to seek out and contact great candidates directly. Here are some tips to help you make your social media recruiting efforts productive.

1. Start Where the People Are

The key to social recruiting is to figure out where the people are – particularly, the people you need for your business. Browse sites thoroughly to get a sense of the people who use the site: large social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook offer access to a larger database, while industry-focused sites and blogs offer a smaller, more focused audience.

Find the sites that best suit your business and set up an account at each.

2. Online Recruiting Starts in Your Office

“It’s about building relationships that you can rely on when it’s time to hire.”
When building your online network, don’t forget your biggest asset: your current employees. Everyone at your organization can help with the recruiting effort. Internal recommendations are a great way to find reliable people, and having your employees help announce job openings in their LinkedIn and Facebook status updates expands your reach to people who aren’t directly connected to your company.

3. Treat Others as You’d like to Be Treated

As you develop your social network, help others when you can. If a connection is looking to fill a position or seeking advice in your area of expertise, and you can provide valuable help, make that effort. Do more than just post jobs – establish yourself as a relevant resource and you are more likely to get enthusiastic help when you need it. Through it all, be courteous and professional. Bad reviews of your business can spread quickly on the Internet.

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