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How to Create Social Media Graphics That Spread Like Wildfire


It’s no secret. I love visual marketing.

No matter how (or where) we’re connected, you’ll see bright, bold, and colorful visuals that define my brand.

But it wasn’t always that way. Visual marketing has evolved, and with it, so have online strategies.

As consumer appetite has increased, businesses and brands scramble to create captivating visuals.

Just take a look around at companies like Starbucks, Constant Contact, Marketo, and Nike. They all have one thing in common. Each has created massive appeal through strong visual content.

And they’re using social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Vine, to tell a striking story.

And the good news? You can too!

Below are steps that you can quickly take to start creating content your audience loves…and wants to spread like wildfire.

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