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How To Boost Blog Traffic Using LinkedIn?


What’s the use of writing a super-solid blog post when no one’s reading it? Well, that’s maybe you’re not on LinkedIn, the most ideal social media platform for B2B connections. And if you are on LinkedIn and are still struggling to draw traffic to your awesome blog…well, then there’s a problem – you’re not doing enough as a LinkedIn-ite.

These 4 basic steps will help you generate quality traffic to your blog through LinkedIn

1) Connect With Potential Customers Or People In Your Industry:

The more important connections you make on LinkedIn, more is the possibility of your blog being shared and the more it gets shared, more potential leads turn into customers. Joining targeted business groups on LinkedIn, niche networks or groups will help boost traffic to your blog or website.
#PROTIP: Make sure these groups enjoy high levels of engagement before you join. Follow Top LinkedIn Influencers in your industry.

2) Post Your Content On LinkedIn:

Sharing your blog on LinkedIn using the Social sharing button on your website or blog isn’t really going to help. For you to get people to your blog or website, you should give them a reason to do so. So, a better way of doing this would be to put the first few lines of your blog post on your LinkedIn page and then add a link: Click to continue reading… which will then direct them to your blog/website.
#PROTIP: Have the LinkedIn Social Sharing button on your blog post (though it doesn’t help as much as directly posting LinkedIn does, still it’s always good to have it!)

3) Share Blog Posts To Individuals Directly:

LinkedIn allows you to email your connections. So you can take advantage of this and shoot emails and personally address your connection using their names and make them feel special about clicking to access your blog. You can segment your connections, into specific groups, based on your relationship with them and target them with respective blog topics – Partners, Clients, Colleagues etc.
#PROTIP: You can send the latest updates to connections using LinkedIn email but don’t overuse this!

4) Engage With Your Connections:

Making a connection isn’t enough, for you to sustain and leverage a LinkedIn you got to engage with them and their content. Follow, like, comment and share – these 4 actions will help you strengthen your ties on LinkedIn. Take inspiration from their content and give them a shout out too!
# PROTIP: Healthy give & take is the cornerstone of a good relationship!