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Google’s Helpful Content Update – Is Your Content Helpful Enough?

Google helpful content update algorithm - what is it

The latest Google update that has rolled out is the “Google helpful content update.”

And just like any other Google algorithm update, it’s created panic in the SEO space.

But that doesn’t have to be the case for you.

This article will show you everything you need to know to ensure your site benefits from this update instead of losing rankings.

Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

Google recently rolled out a new site-wide algorithm update named as “Helpful Content Update.”

This update is now part of the other ranking signals that Google uses to rank content.

Simply put, if your website provides people-first content, you may be rewarded with better rankings.

Whereas websites that provide low-quality content will see a negative impact.

What’s new in this update?

Google considers helpful content to be content that puts the user first instead of search engines. This comes down to understanding the search intent or what the user is looking for and providing a satisfactory answer.

This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Content that provides a satisfying experience to visitors
  • Content that is created with people-first approach
  • Content that uses SEO best practices to add value for its visitors

Some aspects of this update have been part of Google’s core algorithm for a while, but now they are doubling down on it more by giving the factors additional weight.

With this update, Google has explicitly targeted content that puts search engines & rankings before the user.

Tips for Ensuring Your Content is Helpful

  • Understand the search intent of your target audience and create content that your users can related to
  • Ensure your content is easy to navigate and digest, with appropriate heading tags, images, and bullet points
  • Focus on delivering unique and valuable information rather than copying competitors
  • Continuously review and update your content to ensure it remains helpful and up-to-date

By following these tips and prioritizing helpful content, you can ensure your website stays on Google’s good side and maintains strong rankings.

What it Means for business owners

By creating helpful and valuable content, you not only improve your chances of being rewarded by Google but also improve the overall user experience on your website.

This can lead to better conversions and customer satisfaction.

Here are some notes you should keep in mind going forward:

  • Don’t keyword stuff or over-optimize
  • Backlinks won’t work IF your content isn’t good enough
  • Focus on having a clean UX; page structure, formatting, and general ease of use
  • Prioritize creating unique and valuable content for your target audience & NOT only for search engines
  • Continuously evaluate your content & make sure that it follows recommended guidelines

What to Do Right Now!

Don’t panic if the update hits you.

Analyze & check every single piece of content on your webpages  that may need rework.

During all Google updates, some sites drop, and some sites’ rankings increase.

The best advice is always to reverse-engineer what the sites at the top are doing.

Take a look at their content and links to see what they are doing differently, and you will be able to find the steps you need to implement.

Some factors you can look at include the following:

  • Content length
  • Media (Images, Infographics, Video embeds)
  • Link quality & quantity
  • Type of Post (For example, Blog Post vs. Product/Service Page)
  • Internal linking structure and support pages

Note: Implementing steps based on factors that work does not mean copying the content your competition produces, and you should still come up with unique content.


Overall, the Google helpful content update reinforces the importance of understanding your audience’s needs & creating quality content that provides them a satisfying experience. It may require extra effort from your end, but the long-term benefits outweigh any short-term challenges.

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