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Good Company Culture Can Make Your Workplace Feel Like Home


After school, our second home is our workplace. We not only spend time and energy but build relationships, learn, share & care. That’s where company culture comes in; to make your workplace feel like home.

What does a good company culture entail?

Leave the Door Open:

In the contemporary corporate world, the open door policy has increasingly become popular, as it is that which gives employees and bosses the opportunity to freely seek out each other for help, suggestions or feedback. It opens out the space making it more free for people to ideate, discuss and voice themselves. Good decisions can come from anywhere and the open door policy champions this thought.

Celebrate Diversity:

Companies are now keen on embracing diversity and are adopting policies sensitive to different genders, races, and religions. Each culture brings with it a certain uniqueness which reflects in every idea or decision taken by the company. It leaves so much scope for diverse thoughts to be part of any creative decision; thereby making the work or output more inclusive.

Take The Time To Timeout:

When colleagues become friends, the work culture becomes, easy, compassionate and exciting. Easy because there’s more understanding, compassionate because there’s more caring and exciting there’s more sharing! Team lunches or retreats give employees an opportunity to get to know the person behind the job title.

Blow The Victory Trumpet:

Every win and achievement of an employee or department is a win for the company and so must be appreciated and celebrated. How does it help? – Employees’ morale gets a big boost, it induces a happy environment at the workplace and inspires others to achieve too. Every month at Scion Social we nominate three employees for completing a special feat that month and we choose one employee as the recipient of the Circle of Excellence Award for outstanding performance! Such gestures go a long way in keeping employees happy & motivated.

Standing By The Vision, Mission & Values:

The company vision & mission generally are reduced to decorative pieces on the walls of companies. How many actually value or stand by them? Company values, vision & mission are the holy grail for any company and must be articulated well for employees at all levels so that they champion their cause and live by them.
The entire workforce is streamlined and identifies their roles & responsibilities with greater clarity.

What is Scion Social’s workplace vision?

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