How Has Covid-19 Amplified the Role of Digital Marketing

How Has Covid-19 Amplified the Role of Digital Marketing


“The world will never be the same.”

The above statement has been reiterated by experts from different walks of life in the recent past. Covid-19 has changed the way people live, work, eat and communicate, and some of these changes have had a significant impact.

Discovering The Scope of Online Marketing All Over Again

Remote working has given the Digital marketing industry quite a boost. Apart from e-commerce giants milking the platform to reach out to people about essentials and non-essentials, many business professionals have had the chance to discover the relevance and power of marketing, communicating and entertaining online. 

Social media has been a great platform to reach out to loved ones, showcase talent while stuck at home and raise funds for charity; business owners have taken note of the limitless scope of social media while they scramble to position themselves and their brand amidst the pandemic.

The capacity to attract, engage and delight business prospects and customers online is immense and digital marketers armed with the right tools, have successfully managed to keep brands sustainable with appropriate messaging.

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A Renewed Narrative Post Covid-19

An online world is the new normal and people are likely to get accustomed to it. Shopping, playing, working and communicating online will be more of a habit than a choice, thus making digital marketing an integral part of business strategy.

Additionally, consumers come out of a crisis with very different priorities, a change in attitudes, values and lifestyles could impact how and where they want to spend their time and money. While the shops and malls are raring to open up, one cannot ignore the connection online media has built with consumers during the lockdown days.

Digital marketers will be eager to keep the relationship intact by adapting their strategies to new buyer personas for a post-pandemic world.

How can Scion Social help you?

At Scion Social, we’ve been helping our clients to hold their own in a time like this with brand communication across platforms that has led to more engagement and results. As a digital marketing agency, we’re happy to help you adapt to changing buyer personas with strategies tailor-made to further your business goals.

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