Celebrating 10 Years of Scion Social!

Celebrating 10 Years of Scion Social!

It’s hard to believe that what started off with 3 people in a home office has evolved into what Scion Social is today! What a ride it has been these last 10 years with ups and downs galore...

It’s hard to believe that what started off with 3 people in a home office has evolved into what Scion Social is today! What a ride it has been these last 10 years with ups and downs galore; but the running thread through it all was our commitment to excellence and delivering real value to help businesses grow.

It’s also been incredible to see how digital has transformed over time from the ‘new kid on the block’ to the new standard for marketing, and a takeover of the world as we know it. How things have changed! We’re excited for the new frontiers and brilliant future of ‘Digital’.

Looking back, something that stands out is the exposure to true thought leaders like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Ron Kaufman in our early days, and what a strong impact it had in helping to shape and drive both our values and strategic approach as a company.

We are so grateful for each partner, mentor, well-wisher, and client we’ve had along the way – all of whom have contributed to making Scion Social what it is today. As we move forward into another exciting decade, we are, as always, committed to our values and core purpose – to help people and companies grow, and to always deliver the highest value.

Scion Begins
October, 2011

Hello world! We take our first steps out of a small home office in Domlur, Bangalore, India and begin building our brand – a foundation of authenticity and unshakeable values.

Walking with Giants
February, 2012

We host Jack Canfield, Bob Urichuck & Ron Kaufman, titans in the world of Personal Development, for a series of premier public workshops and seminars in Bangalore, taking care of event promotion, end-to-end event creation, and marketing.

Preparing for Growth
April, 2012

We move into our first office at Beary’s Horizon, Bangalore.

Going International..
July, 2013

We expand into Dubai in partnership with Right Selection; working with clients across the Middle East and hosting a series of impactful events and social media workshops.

MENA Award
November, 2013

We are privileged to receive the prestigious MENA (Middle East & North Africa) Customer Delight Award for customer service at the MENA Customer Delight Conference in Dubai.

Partnership with Success Resources: Promoting Global Personalities
July, 2014

We promote events across the UK, Europe, Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore for global personal development trailblazers Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within”, Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, the National Achievers Congress, and many more in association with Success Resources, the world’s largest education seminar company.

New Offerings!
August, 2014

We add to our suite of services, offering Digital Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn, as well as Google Ads, in addition to our Content Marketing & Social Media packages.

Scion in the USA: Est. 2015
May, 2015

We set up our corporate entity in the U.S.! We expand our client base and build our brand across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Takeoff Workshops
April, 2017

We go “on the road” across India. Touchdown Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad for a series of Social Media Takeoff workshops for hundreds of business owners looking to leverage the power of Digital Marketing for their business.

“Telescope” is Born
May, 2017

Customized digital marketing strategies are here! We introduce our flagship Digital Marketing Strategy product, Telescope, to the world.

Here We Grow Again
June, 2018

Time to expand once more! Bigger and better, as we get a new office space in Bangalore.

Looking East
January, 2019

A whole new world. We set up in Singapore and began expanding into Southeast Asian markets.

SEO Offerings
June, 2019

A new offering – our top-quality, in-house, strategic Search Engine Optimization services and campaigns make their debut.

Hubspot Partnership & Business Efficiency Services
September, 2019

We break new ground, partnering with global giant Hubspot and expanding into marketing automation and sales automation services.

Website UI & UX
January, 2020

Bringing you more, always. Building on our years of experience and WordPress Website design and development offerings, we introduce in-house UI & UX offerings.

A Winning Partnership with BNI
June, 2020

We are acquired by BNI and become part of a leading global organization. Joining the BNI family of companies fuels our exponential growth as we serve companies worldwide, and is an important step in BNI’s plan to help millions of businesses around the world grow and achieve success.

Servicing & Promoting Virtual Events
October, 2020

Utilizing our experience in promoting live events over the years, we capitalize on that capability and add more services, expanding into pre-event marketing, live event coverage for large-scale online and hybrid events, and virtual event platform & management solutions.

Celebrating a Decade of Digital Excellence
October, 2021

We celebrate Scion’s 10 Year Anniversary and a bright future of progress, innovation, overcoming challenges, learning to navigate through an ever-increasingly digital world, and more growth to come!

Moving forward

We are excited for the future and everything that’s to come! The further we venture into a new decade and the unknown but exciting future of digital, the more we know how important it is for us to keep delivering the best to help businesses achieve their goals.

That’s what got us started, and that’s what keeps us going.

Connect with us and Stay Tuned.

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