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Awesome Ways To Use Pop Culture In Your Content Strategy


Do you also want to boast about maximized content engagement? The key here is to incorporate crowd pullers into your content strategy and here is how you do it, as put together by Dream Grow.

Nowadays, you can find various crowd cultures around such topics as fantasy films (where there can be thousands of sub-branches including Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Wars and the like). 3D printing, zombies (that is a separate topic that can take more than 10 volumes to write about), etc.

Social media has expanded these topics. With a few easy clicks, you can find the most popular websites that suggest breaking news on everything catchy and alluring for the audience.

Let’s try to make your content viral and grow your traffic on the pop culture yeast.

Step 1 – Tap into a Viral Trend

First, you should find a phenomenon that is on the peak of its viral growing tendency.

The best ways to discover the most well-known topics, stories, and trends are thoroughly described by Search Engine Watch. It is obvious that if such a search item “Royal Wedding” was on top of the hottest news searches in 2011, it will be far from top in 2016. Have a look at the comparison result from Google Trends (I have randomly taken “Star Wars” as a second search item):


Star Wars vs. Royal Wedding search statistics in 2016

The same is when we talk about personalities. Donald Trump was the fourth on the list of top trending people in 2015, while now he outnumbers the top searched person in 2015, Lamar Odom.


Donald Trump vs. Lamar Odom search statistics in 2016

However, that doesn’t mean that you should choose Donald Trump or Star Wars to start making their fans crazy. Just cast an eye at the following screen shot to have a clue what I’m talking about:


Donald Trump vs. Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones search statistics in 2016

Yeah, Game of Thrones has become a giant that engulfs everything in social media and on the Internet in general. I’m not inclined to fantasy very much, but it has stirred my imagination, when I started thinking about the amount of traffic they may bring. Game of Thrones’ traffic explosion was even given a huge appreciation post by Ehren Goossens on SimilarWeb.

That doesn’t mean (of course) that you should immediately run to your website and post something about Game of Thrones or its characters. No, that would be ridiculous. You should drab the juice of the idea – choose a trend wisely.

Step 2 – Add a Spicy Element

What I mean here is anything that will stir people’s imagination and make them like your content.

First, begin with a title. Use the words that convert. Such items as “because”, “amazing”, “new”, “secret” and 185 other words are among them. You may also use time indicators like “2016”, “review”, and the like.

Another thing – mind-blowing words like “naked”, “kiss”, “bed scenes”, etc. Just have a look at the question on Quora that just bursts with the views, followers, and answers.


Game of Thrones popularity in Quora

Well, I’m not against them, but be smart – don’t make your content vulgar and low-minded.

A bit of controversy has never been extra. It was actually the element that contributed greatly to The Renegade Pharmacist’s post about a can of coke. According to Ahrefs case study, the coke info-graphic was shared by such mammoth-like Internet contagious bugs as The Huffington Post, The Telegraph, etc.

A spicy element is what can make your readers feel strong emotions. It spices their brains and lets them feel awesome. Such emotions as outrage are also emotions. But don’t go too far.

Step 3 – Take an Action

Acting is one of the most necessary steps here. What do you usually do, when you have written the article and posted it? Yep, you share it. Share your work everywhere. But again – don’t go too far and don’t invade all social media at once.

Or – if you are so eager to share it everywhere you are registered, you can divide the share time into parts. What I mean – share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn the day it is published, the next day share it on the other 4 social media, and so on. Thus, you’ll have a good deal of shares, but they won’t seem very spammy and intrusive.

More than that, you may ask people to share it. One very delicate moment – don’t beg and plead. That won’t work. Just say in your message/e-mail that you have written an article and if a person you are writing to would like to have a look at it. Then, after you get an answer, you may send the link.

Taking an action also implies something very tangible. It may be even something like throwing Felix Baumgartner from outer space, just like Red Bull did.redbull-stratos-campaign

Red Bull Stratos

And that’s how many that backlinks and shares they got:


Red Bull Stratos Statistics

Step 4 – Share at the Right Time and in the Right Place

That’s what happened to the info-graphic with a can of coke we have talked about earlier. Niraj from The Renegade Pharmacist shared it on Reddit and hundreds of people immediately saw it.