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Why Facebook Never Created A Dislike Button


I think all of us on Facebook have hoped and dreamed that one day, Facebook would create a “Dislike” button. I have still wondered to this day, “why don’t they do it?”
As we all know, the “Like” doesn’t really actually mean we like something. It pretty much counts as acknowledgement and I think most of you would agree. However, we still find ourselves getting confused each time we’re about to “Like” a post that is sad, distressing, disgusting etc.

Those are the times that we have wished for that one thing Facebook that would allow us as users to “down vote” something to express our displeasure. But Facebook never gave in. Why?

According to an article I found on AdWeek the other day, the answer is quite simple. Facebook has actually avoided the introduction of a “Dislike” button although it was discussed quite a lot since 2009, when the “Like” button was introduced. Bret Taylor, the former CTO of Facebook – the guy who came up with the “Like” button in the first place – explains that, “the negativity of [a dislike button] has a lot of unfortunate consequences.”

The reason the “Like” button was launched in the first place is “that there were a lot of times that people wanted to acknowledge something someone did, but didn’t have anything to say. And a lot of comments were one word like ‘cool’ or ‘wow’ so the like button let people do that with a single click. It wasn’t really just a sentiment of ‘like’.”
So basically, it was born out of necessity for acknowledgement and not an indication of sentiment – which is definitely not something Facebook is build on.

Facebook felt that the “Dislike” button would add a lot of negativity… As Taylor puts it, “if there were to be a ‘Dislike’ button you would end up with these really negative social aspects to it,”. What if we have the need to “Dislike” something?

Simple! The absence of a “Dislike” button actually sounds rational and reasonable now.

If you want to dislike something, you should probably write a comment, because there’s probably a word for what you want to say.

Perhaps if it did exist, interactions would be simplified down to two distinct feelings, which as we all know is unrealistic to say the least. So there you go people… Use WORDS to describe your thoughts and feelings!