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Top 5 Different Types of Landing Pages


Landing pages are essential due to the fact that it is seen by your users. You intend to make that excellent first impression; nonetheless Landing pages aren’t about appearances. There are quite a few various other elements to the landing web page that will certainly impact its effectiveness– things like navigation, optimization and relevance.

In 2013 recognizing the various kinds of landing  pages is  more vital than ever due to the fact that the competition is increasing and individuals who are visiting the Landing page would expect appropriate results more than ever.

Top 5 Different Types of Landing Pages

1. Click Through. This is the most basic type of landing page and is therefore one that is usually considered first. This landing page has general information about a product—why you should buy the product, when it’s available, etc.—and has a button for a user to press to take him/her to the page where the item can be purchased.

2. Viral. These types of landing pages are trying to generate buzz amongst a large group of people, so they are full of social sharing buttons and great content. Websites that typically have a landing page full of blog posts and cool photos and videos are considered viral.

3. Lead Capture. There is no exit route when it comes to a lead capture landing page. The company wants someone to come to the page and fill out his/her information so that the company can use this information to send email marketing campaigns, connect with on social media, call with special offers, etc. Below is one example of a lead capture landing page:

4. Mobile. Setting up a mobile landing page is all about keeping in mind the small device. You don’t want a ton of little content, but you don’t want an image taking up the entire screen, either. You want to have a colorful and catchy headline with a nice big button that helps users navigate through the site.

5. Homepage. Sometimes companies will just link to the homepage, and this isn’t usually a good move. Your homepage is likely full of different options and choices, when in fact someone clicked on a specific link to get something specific. Therefore, you need to be giving them something specific when they arrive. Sometimes the homepage is it, but usually you’ll want to go with one of the above choices.

It’s true that different landing pages look different, but the different types are really all about goals and what the landing pages can accomplish.

Have you spent some time fixing up your landing page? Which type did you think worked best for your company and why? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source – [RightMixMarketing]