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6 Incredible Sales Tools That are Available for Free


We’re already well into the year ending, so this is a good time to spruce up your sales tool chest. However, since the economy is still weak, most of you don’t have a giant budget to buy software and services. With that in mind, here are some completely free (really!) sales tools.

With these free tools you can get control of your email contacts, research individuals and companies, and even increase your cold calling effectiveness — without asking your manager or CSO for a single thin dime.


1) Rapportive

Rapportive is a cost-free Gmail add-on that offers details right in your inbox. As you could see in the screenshot listed below, you could immediately see contact’s picture, work title, location, and social networks accounts. In your inbox sight, you can even click on any one of the social networks associated with & will be directed to a contact’s social account.

When you’re connecting with sales leads, not only could Rapportive help you envision the one you’re interacting with, but it also enables you to head to a lead’s social profiles to obtain additional context on that they are and exactly what they want.

2) Signals

Signals is a cost-free HubSpot device that informs you with email opens and clicks on straight from Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce via a Chrome extension.

let’s say you sent an individualized email to your 10 hottest leads– those that completely suit your lead rating qualifications– and would like to know when it’s best to engage with them. Signals will certainly inform you once a lead has actually opened your e-mail or clicked your hyperlinks, which can assist inform your choices regarding when to call that lead (or if you should at all).

Imagine seeing an alert that shows a lead is presently viewing your prices web page– that is an excellent time for you to follow-up with a call. As opposed to trying to get a track of them at a random hour, you’re now contacting them when your company is top-of-mind.


3) LinkedIn Advanced Search

LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media devices available for sales reps. Making use of its advanced search function, you could specify your search for leads or context on potential clients via specifications such as keywords, connection, sector, or location.


4) SalesLoft Miner

If you want to create a customized list from your LinkedIn searches, SalesLoft Prospector is a Chrome extension that enables you to really create customer listings by searching through LinkedIn profiles. The exported provide could then assist you begin finding prospects and get in touch with those in segments pertinent to your company.


5) Boomerang

Boomerang is a Gmail device that permits you to make and plan an e-mail for later. Instead compared to hitting deliver right away, you can use Boomerang to schedule it for a later send out.

Picture being on a sales telephone call and wishing to follow-up with a customer. The possibility’s details is fresh on your mind on the call and you intend to guarantee you contact them ASAP, yet that does not imply you must pound them with a message without delay.

Utilizing Boomerang, you can draft your follow-up response right after the call, yet timetable it to head out sometimes hassle-free for you and the prospective customer. This shows you invested time in interacting with them without appearing also strong.



6) Sales Search.

Sales Search is another Chrome extension. As opposed to copying and pasting terms you discover on a possibility’s site or any other location in to a search engine, you could simply highlight the key phrase and right-click to search for even more details around it.

You land on HubSpot’s site and want to learn additional regarding social media. All you have to do is highlight the words “social media,” right-click, and utilize the extension’s search options to get additional insight.

Ryan McDonald, a channel BDR at HubSpot, claims Sales Search is “helpful when reviewing leads in Salesforce since you could merely highlight the name ahead record and quickly bring up their LinkedIn account.”.


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