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LinkedIn’s Adding New Notifications to Alert Users to In-Demand Skills


In case you haven’t heard yet, LinkedIn has rolled out a new tool. This tool is based on “trending skills”, which are skills other users with the same history or job titles as you have, and which you can add to your own profile.

LinkedIn explained this tool as follows:

“To give you more insight into in-demand skills so that you can stay ahead of the curve, we’re rolling out a new monthly notification that suggests relevant trending skills among people with your same job title. If you already have this skill, consider adding it to your LinkedIn Profile — skills are one of the top ways that recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn, and those with five or more skills on their profile are discovered up to 27 times more in searches by recruiters.”

There are many advantages to this new tool. You will be able to get additional information by clicking on the skill, such as which companies are hiring based on that skill. LinkedIn is also posting links to LinkedIn Learning Courses that you can take so that even if you don’t have that particular skill at the moment, you can learn it and be able to add it to your profile as a skill in the future, improving your prospects.

LinkedIn – currently at 530 million members – has unique access to career insights and data taken from its millions of users and this tool is LinkedIn’s latest effort to utilize that knowledge professionally. It can be used to create a comprehensive overview of and insight into a user’s possible career path.

The potential of this tool is extremely far-reaching. LinkedIn could, in essence, use it to merge your interests with your academic achievements in order to create a likely career path for you – one that would offer job satisfaction as well as career growth and success. Though that’s not what the tool offers at the moment, the possibility of it could mean better success for recruiters in their candidate selection process, as well as for users in making career decisions.

Although LinkedIn is already a key platform for job seekers and recruiters, this tool could be the start of developments that could change the entire job seeking industry; providing users with personalized and crucial insights that could shape or reshape their career paths and lead to greater successes.