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7 Awesome Tips for Entrepreneurs to Create an Inspiring Vision Board


You may have heard of vision boards as a fantastic tool that you can use for inspiration and motivation and to power yourself towards success. Whether you’re using it for your career or personal life, here are 7 tips that will help you create a truly inspiring vision board.

Be Clear About Its Use

A vision board is not a wish list or to-do list, but rather a visualisation tool. The images and words you choose to put on it should be the ones that inspire you to achieve your goals and bring your dreams to life. That being said, there are different types of vision boards. And ”I know what I want” vision board is great if you are very clear or specific about what you want to happen, but if you aren’t exactly sure, or there is the possibility of changes due to circumstance, you can create an “Allowing” board. A “Theme” vision board is perfect for those who are working towards a specific goal or changing a particular aspect of their lives.

Get the Pre-Work Going

Before you create your vision board, spend some time contemplating your desires and goals for your career and personal life. Don’t try to rush this activity or do it on the go; rather let it be an experience. Connect with yourself, your desires and where you really want to be. List specific goals and intentions that you can easily track your progress in to make sure you are sticking to your vision.

Narrow it Down

Long term goals can be a bit of a struggle to pin down, which is why you should break them down into smaller, more doable goals that you can accomplish in the present or near future. A good way to do this is to create a plan of action that outlines individual tasks or to create time-based milestones, whichever works better for you.

Gather Representational Images

When choosing the right images for your vision board, it’s more important to let yourself feel than to let yourself think. These images represent what you are aiming for, therefore they should make you feel – happy, inspired, motivated. Don’t try to search for the perfect images, but rather let yourself be led to them.

Arrange it Right

Have a theme or format in mind before you create your vision board. You can look for inspiration online or create something totally original. Whatever theme you choose, don’t let it get too cluttered. Choose fewer but better pictures and colours that calm and soothe you.

Put it to Use

Put your board up where you can see it every day and often. When looking at it, stop for a few minutes and take the time to let the images inspire you and the words motivate you. Don’t confuse it with daydreaming. The point of the vision board is to envision the steps you will take to achieve your goals, not just what your life will be like if you do.

Redo Your Board as Needed

If there are events and changes that alter your vision, don’t be afraid to redo your board to fit your new goals. Life is unpredictable, but don’t let changes in circumstances alter your desire to achieve your goals. Rearrange or replace the images and affirmations to reflect what you are working towards so you can continue to be inspired and motivated by this wonderful tool!