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Google+ Tips to Quickly Boost Results


Did you hear that? It’s the sound of your discomfort. That awkward, almost painful feeling associated with trying something new. It’s also the mental roadblock telling you not to get involved. To run, not walk away from yet another social network.
Google+ Tips to Quickly Boost Results

But the time is now. Google+ is waiting and the door of opportunity for your business is wide open.

If you’re eager to create an energetic and collaborative community, there’s no better way to do it than through Google+!

1Let Your Pictures Do the Talking
Google+ Tips to Quickly Boost Results

The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been truer than in the online space.

Google+ offers a beautiful way to let your pictures to take center stage.

Creating images that quickly capture the attention of your Google+ followers will let you instantly stand out. No matter if it’s answers to your client’s biggest questions or an inspiring quote, adding that content it to an image creates differentiation.

Not only does the right image take up more real estate within the Google+ feed, but it also gives you the opportunity to boost engagement through viral shares.

The design of Google+ has the capacity to accommodate big, beautiful images. Using the right specifications can quickly capture the eye of any fast-moving Google+ follower.

The objective is to produce a graphic that represents your business and positions it in the best possible light.

Images with dimensions of 800 x 1200 look beautiful in the feed and find a larger audience. Take Peg Fitzpatrick’s post for example. It’s bold, crisp, straightforward, and immediately grabs your attention.
2Share Fun, Inspirational and Educational Content
Google+ Tips to Quickly Boost Results

One of the quickest ways to connect on any social network is to share what matters most to you. It can be personal or professional content; just make sure you’re giving people the motivation needed to get involved.

The more you can stimulate the senses, the better chance you have of getting your followers to come back for more.

This image from Guy Kawasaki has three elements of a perfect Google+ post: inspirational quote, beautiful image and a simple, streamlined look and feel.
Share your thoughts, expertise, mission, vision and values.
Give a nice shout out to your favorite blogs and websites.
Share inspirational thoughts, funny quotes and timely news stories.
Share other peoples content with context around it.
Don’t post and run away. Interact, connect and engage!
Be grateful. Thank people that share your content.
Be personalable and share details about your business in a fun and interactive way.
Follow people within your industry and niche and create a conversation. Get to know them, share their content and spread the good word about their business. This creates reciprocity and more meaningful interactions.
Repurpose your content. Just because it’s old to you, doesn’t mean it’s not new to someone else.
3Optimize Your Profile
Google+ Tips to Quickly Boost Results

Making the most of your Google+ profile is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. From contact information, to your skills, products and services, take advantage of the significant amount of space allotted within your “About” section.

Your “About” will be one of the first places anyone interested in connecting will land. Give them good reason to follow you.

This is not an area where you want to hold back on the details. Take the time to craft a bio that shares special insight into who you are and why you’re on Google+.
What do you do and how does that benefit your followers?
What makes you unique and how will that translate into useful content?
Link out to all of your online properties. From your website and blog to your landing page and social channels, allow your followers to connect with you no matter where they choose to spend their time.
Have fun with your bio! What are you passionate about? What do you do in your spare time and enjoy in your down time? People love to talk about what interests them. Give them the opportunity to engage with you around those topics they find most interesting.
Once you’ve optimized your Google+ “About” section, it’s time to freshen up your Google+ cover image. Your cover is a terrific marketing and branding opportunity, and a great way to allow your unique ability and skills to shine through.

The key to creating a compelling cover photo is to align it with your business look, feel and message.

Ask yourself a few questions before you get started:

Do you have a logo?
Have you identified your business colors and font?
Are both consistent across all of your online properties?
How have you branded your company so far? E.g. is it you or the brand at the forefront of your marketing?
How will Google+ extend the mission and purpose of your time spent online?
Once you’re ready to get started, hop over and design your Google+ cover photo by creating a custom image of 2120 x 1192. It’s simple, fun and creates a streamlined brand experience.

canva google plus cover photo

Last but not least…
To maximize Google+, you must first understand why your customers are spending their time on the social network.

What information are they looking for?

Insight and information and insider tips only found on social media
Deeper connections with their favorite businesses and brands
A community where they can share opinions with like-minded individuals
A way to be heard and find a voice in an often over-saturated social space?
Answers to their most pressing questions?
Advice on what to buy and whom to buy it from?
I suspect that it’s a mixture of at least two or three. But you’ll only know if you’re an active part of the conversation.

Commit every day to provide your Google+ followers with a VIP experience that leaves them feeling acknowledged, informed and vital to your community.

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