The Ultimate Guide to Franchise Marketing Strategy – Part 1 – Introduction to Franchise Marketing

franchise marketing - an Introduction

In this highly digitized world, Franchise business owners have their work cut out for them.

They must create and sustain a profitable business, maintain a positive brand perception and market themselves using effective marketing channels.

And yet, when a study was conducted, 42% of franchise professionals feel that traditional marketing channels such as flyers, magazines, hoardings don’t work for them effectively anymore.

traditional marketing channels

Scion Social’s experience in working more than 20 BNI Franchises has taught us that Marketing a Franchise Online, needs a solid plan backed by a well researched strategy.
A strategy that is backed by just enough offline marketing tactics that support the online marketing efforts and drive tangible results.

Evolution of Marketing for Franchise-Based Businesses

72% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand with whom they had a positive social media experience.
Digital marketing offers the franchise business powerful tools to improve consistency across different demographics, locations and audience segments.

Since a lot of Franchises struggle to work together with their Franchisors to create standardized marketing activities and branding, digital marketing provides a solution through the ability to automate quite a few of these marketing activities.

Also, digital marketing improves communication between franchise customers and positions the brand better to meet their needs. None of these benefits would have been achievable with traditional marketing.

However, the evolution of marketing has made franchise businesses more competitive, requiring them to stand out among the crowd.

How Do You Market a Franchise Digitally?

A lot goes into successful franchise advertising beyond making posts on the internet. The first step is to create the Buyer Personas that you will market to.
The next step is to understand the Modern Customer Journey (see below):

modern consumer journey - digital marketing

The internet is vast and knowing where your customer spends time in their buying process is very crucial to know where to advertise yourself, what to say and when to say it.

The journey of your buyer plays a very important role in planning your digital marketing strategy and should sit at the very top of the planning phase.

Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy First

Before you start marketing your franchise business, you must create a strategy that will cover how and where you would attract more customers and sustain a relationship with them.
A strategy would improve effectiveness and make your goals more achievable and trackable.

Break Your Advertising Strategy Into Parts

There are different aspects of franchise advertising, and it is only wise for you to break it into parts to achieve the best results. Address the advertising aspect, promotions, sales, and public relations and appropriate the right resources. Afterward, track the result on each aspect and fine-tune it.

The areas you should consider to solidify your franchise marketing strategy includes:

  • Local SEO
  • PPC Advertising
  • Web Designing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social media and online reputation management
Set Specific Goals

Every marketing strategy that would be successful requires specific goals that control it. You must be able to identify what you’re planning to achieve. One of the general ones would involve building a solid brand and creating proper awareness for your product or service.
Once you’ve determined your brand identity, you must be able to get it in your customer’s faces and build their interest in what you have to offer.

Be Consistent

If you’re a franchisor looking for ways that your franchisees would represent your brand positively, you would have to build a marketing structure that fosters consistency. You can either decide to handle the entire marketing process or create an easy outline that your franchisees can follow in their local areas.
Handling it alone can be cumbersome, especially as your business expands, so creating an outline might be a better option.

Choose The Right Tools

Your role as a franchisor is to find the appropriate marketing tools to offer your franchisees a flexible system that helps them achieve their goals. However, a franchisee must make inquiries concerning the appropriate logo usage, spacing, font, and other factors to ensure consistent brand representation.

Distribute Your Content

To advertise your franchise business, you need to advertise it across various platforms to reach your target audience. First, your website must have authoritative content that builds customer trust.
Your website must be easy to navigate for beginners and have a persuasive copy that would compel your customers to take action. Also, you must pay close attention to SEO to ensure that your site ranks properly on Google and increase traffic.


Use Online Review Platforms

Online review platforms can prove useful to offer greater credibility to your customers, who can determine your brand’s reputation based on customer reviews. If you’re not getting reviews on your franchise company, you can offer your customers a reward for dropping customer reviews on your service.

Build Your Email List

Afterward, create an email marketing strategy that allows you to inform your customers about new developments and improvements to your product. You must target your audience appropriately, whether by location, age, or gender, depending on the nature of your service.

Leverage Social Media

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and others hold enormous benefits to franchise businesses. It would help you engage your customers on the platforms where they spend the most time and create content that would appeal to their needs.
You can create a franchising agreement that would cover what a franchisor and franchisee can post on social media. Most likely, franchisees would only focus on reaching customers in their local areas through social media.

Start Marketing!

What are you waiting for? Start marketing your franchise business across various platforms to increase your reach, attract customers and gain engagement.

Beyond gaining followers, you must draft a regular content calendar to help you sustain your customers and keep them interested.
Franchisors can also use this method to attract franchisees to contribute to the general growth of the franchising company.