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8 People You Should Follow on Twitter Right Now


With 255 million monthly active users and more than 500 million Tweets sent per day, Twitter is a noisy place. It’s not easy to find quality people to find, learn and grow from.

While lists do a great job of curating people around a number of topics, nothing quite beats a word of mouth recommendation.

As we prep for Social Fresh’s 15th social media conference in Orlando next month on July 16-18, we are pulling together some of our favorite tips, tricks, and research across several social networks.

We asked some of our speakers in previous years who is the one person who people should be following on Twitter, here are their responses:

1. Cori Mozillo

I’ll admit that I shouldn’t be crying in a Chipotle if they’ll admit they shouldn’t be playing “Fix You” by Coldplay.

Why? Cori is the real deal. Funny. Witty. Human. Tells it how she sees it. Oh, and wicked smart.

2. Charlene Li

theme: Social has impacted political campaigns, but hasn’t helped gov’t govern better. Gov’t transformation examples wanted!

Christi McNeill, @ChristiMcNeill 
Charlene is genius level, amazing insights, powerful presence. Love this lady!

3. Chuck Norris Fact

Chuck Norris once kicked a horse in the chin. Its descendants are known today as Giraffes.

Jason Falls, @Jason Falls

We should take all the Chuck Norris lines as serious to realize we’re not as awesome as him and should keep our ego in check.

4. Casey Neistat

sleep is my greatest enemy. every morning is war. usually I emerge victorious

Justin Mastrangelo, @JustinPGH

Casey makes great content and he inspires me to me make better content.

5. Avinash Kaushik

[My new blog post:] Digital Design & User Experience Best Practices: Happiness + Profits! 

Kristy Bolsinger, @kristy

If you want to do anything well in digital you need to be measuring the impact you’re having. Constantly testing. He’s a genius when it comes to analytics.

6. Karen Walrond

New blog post: random thought: clair huxtable is my spirit animal

CC Chapman, @CC_Chapman 

She constantly inspires me and makes me smile. Plus her photography is breath taking.

7. Ben Kuntz

Sometimes logging out of Facebook feels right.

I think Ben is one of the most authentic and real players in the social space. He has the perfect mix of industry brilliance and personal passion without any pretentiousness. Mike Schneider, @schneidermike

8. Tom Webster

 Working on my homemade electric car today. Who knew it was so easy? Thanks, Tesla!

Tom Martin, @TomMartin
Follow Tom because he teaches you how to critically analyze things which makes you a smarter thinker & he’s funny as hell.

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