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7 Twitter Mistakes That Most Businesses Are Still Making

1. Talking too much about yourself or company

The purpose of Twitter is to build relationships and foster communities of all sizes. Instead of simply focusing on your company’s content, concentrate on the exchange between you and your followers to cultivate a community around your brand. In much the same way that you get bored with friends that only talk about themselves, social media users get tired of businesses that only Tweet about themselves.

2. Asking people to follow you

Not only is this unprofessional, it also portrays your company as desperate. Instead of telling people to follow you, tweet content that gives them a reason to want to follow you. You can certainly have promotional items that read “follow us on Twitter”, but you also need to include WHY they should be following you on Twitter. For example, “follow us on Twitter because we use it to give away free food, share daily specials, and have an awesome time.”

3. Tweeting too much

The more you Tweet, the less people are going to put credence into what you’re saying. As a business, you should aim for between 3-5 Tweets a day (not including direct responses). This will keep your business recognizable, connected, and meaningful. Any more and you run the risk of devaluing your content, as it dilutes the message.

4. Posting from other social media platforms

Facebook is not Twitter and Twitter is not Instagram. You should create separate content for all platforms. Anyone that follows you will notice the overlap and get tired of the duplicate messages. Give your fans and followers reasons that they should be following you on all platforms. You can certainly repurpose content, but do not automatically upload the same exact content on multiple social media platforms.

5. ‘Multi-tweeting’

Never post something that will take more than 140 characters so it runs over into more than one tweet. The key on Twitter is to be concise. If your message is over 140 characters, you either have to pare it down or not post it. Can’t cut content from the message? Then Twitter isn’t the right platform.

6. Retweeting compliments or thank you’s

This is not what the retweet (RT) button was designed to accomplish. The RT button is “this is something pretty cool that I think would interest you”, not “this is something pretty cool about me that I think would interest you.” Instead, you should favorite those types of tweets. You wouldn’t approach a friend to tell him/her a compliment you got from someone else, so don’t do it on Twitter.

7. Carelessly following everyone who follows you

Followers are important, but maintaining professionalism is imperative. Just because people follow you, does not mean you are obligated to follow them. Be selective. Beware of users with illegitimate or inappropriate user names or accounts, especially those that are obviously spam. Who you chose to follow is a reflection of your business. Remember what your mom said: “you are the company you keep.”

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