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12 Most Dynamic Ways to Explode Your Online Business Through RSS


This is not rocket science — you can definitely do it. There are over a million ways that you can use RSS to market your services or products.
Internet marketing has become the most effective way to promote and sell goods and services. Most people spend a lot of time on the Internet looking for new products to buy, to acquire knowledge or even to market their talents.
It is very important to tap into new markets and try as much as possible to reach many people. To do this, you must have a strategy that will make people want to know more about your business and products.
Here are my tips and tricks to boost and explode your online business though RSS.

1. Make it simple

The first thing you should do is inform people about the existence of your business — increasing more subscribers to your RSS. Make your subscription options simple and easy. Preferably, these should be included at the bottom of every post or blog — this will make it easier for users to notice you.

2. Make your app engaging

Make your blog friendly and conversational. Engagement is the first step in marketing — welcome feedback, reviews and comments.
Make sure your potential customers feel good and special. By doing this, you will be able to convince them to subscribe to your emails, download apps, follow your blogs and share them, hence spreading the gospel.

3. Unique posts

People are attracted to unique content and posts. Topics and headlines on your posts should be able to catch the attention of the reader, potentially going viral.
Remember, your information about your expertise on the post in the RSS should be relevant and carefully considered. The more you communicate with users, the more likely they will visit your page and respond to your posts.

4. Provide a landing page

Create a page that is fully dedicated to getting subscriptions and that will increase traffic to your blog. Link your blog with other media tools such as Google AdWords, and even social media where you can embed the subscriptions to direct users to your blogs.

5. Market yourself

This should be on top of this list. After studying the market, do not be self-centered — do research on other blogs that relate to your online business. Provide your information on their blogs, including the level of your expertise and the product you sell. Make sure to post your blog URL. Creativity also will play a major role here, as there are tons of ways you can effectively market your business.
Subscribers from the other blogs will also have an opportunity to learn about your online business and might subscribe.

6. Optimize your RSS

People use search engines to find products and information. Ideally, search engine optimization (SEO) will always rank your content at the top of the search list, increasing traffic to your website.

7. Invite guest bloggers

Invite a guest blogger (if you know any) or pay a well-known blogger, comic artist or expert to write and post content on your RSS. Persuade your clients to subscribe to your blog — they might help with the sales and this will turn clients into advocates who can refer you to potential subscribers.

8. Use promotional channels

Enter promotional channels that relate to your online business. It can be a podcast on iTunes, YouTube or other visual channels. Mention and explain the benefits of subscribing to your RSS blog. If possible, make appointments with well-known players related to your business to appear on your podcasts.

9. Cross promote your content

This is perhaps the best thing to do. Work out a deal with other bloggers who operate in the same business area as yourself. Work in liaison so that you can both advertise each other’s products in your respective RSS feeds.

10. Offer gifts

Give away some of your best creativity for free, while at the same time taking advantage of this by encouraging subscribers to share. This can be your music or video, a part of your book, or a very interesting tutorial.
Ask subscribers if they want to write a guest blog and post them in your RSS feeds. Give books or CDs related to your topics, e-books or newsletter subscriptions.

11. Use interesting demos and displays of your products

Use unique, different, creative models to display photos of your product. This could be a sample of the packaging packed with other interesting products — the sample should be eye-catching so visitors will be tempted to order.
Go beyond the ordinary, use crazy pictures to display your URL — the subscription could be a cartooned click option.

12. Post content often

Last but not least, make sure your RSS remains relevant. Post as much as you can and quote experts — this helps prove the integrity of the information.
The above tips will effectively explode your online business traffic and turn your visitors to customers. As long as you focus on providing consistent value in your feeds — sales will come.

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