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11 Ways Social Media Can Help Build A Freelance Career


Social media can do just about everything today, from distributing petitions to automatically alerting beach-goers of approaching sharks. But those might not be what you need it for. You might want social media to help you build a successful freelance career.

Here are 11 shark-free ways you can harness the power of social media to do just that.

1. Attract Leads

Let’s get this one out of the way right off the bat, since it is the first thing anybody thinks of when talking about social media and business. Yes, you can attract leads. If you are active on any social media platform, that in itself could catch the attention of a potential customer.

Obviously, some social media content will more likely lead to attracting customers than others.1 For starters, your content should mostly be on-topic to whatever you do. If you are a designer, post lots of design-related topics. Make sure to include anything that will make you look impressive, but be very careful about how you present yourself. Social media is not the place for a hard sell. Be a resource to people, be a source of information, but don’t be a sales person.

Just as important to what you post is who follows you…which for the most part means whom you follow, since so much of social media is about reciprocal following. Know your target market and make them your main audience.

2. Look Over Your Shoulder (to attract leads)

LinkedIn offers a really useful tool to see who has viewed your profile, which you can view when logged in. Here is what it looks like:


Below this aggregate data are the profile pics of the people who have viewed your profile. If you use the free version of LinkedIn, you will see just a few. I see five people as I write this, including one who is anonymous. But, as you can see here, upgrading to the paid version (oh, it is tempting to upgrade, isn’t it?) lets you know exactly who has been viewing your profile:

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