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The Super 6 That Will Help Increase Your Instagram Followers


Have an Instagram account? Thinking of how you can do better and increase your followers, or even better build a community?

Make your mark on a pro active platform like Instagram with these awesome tips and tricks.

Looking to increase your followers on Instagram?

You guys have come to the right place. here are some super awesome creative ways in which you can increase the number of your followers on Instagram. Below mentioned are some of the tips put together by Socially Sorted.

#1  Authorize the Facebook App to Connect your Instagram and Facebook Accounts

Make sure to connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts. You can post directly to Facebook through Instagram.

When people see your content coming over from Instagram to Facebook, they will be encouraged to check you out on that platform as well if they like what they are seeing… and of course they will!

You can also add a custom tab to your Facebook Page!

Instagram App on Sue B Zimmerman's Facebook Page - 7 Creative Ways to Increases Instagram Followers


#2   Embed Instagram Pics into a Blog Post

By embedding Instagram pictures into a blog post, a few important things start to happen:

  • You create a relationship between the places you and your brand are showing up.
  • There is a consistency and relevancy shining through what you are doing.
  • Time efficiency for you and your team is maximised because you are get double use from your images.
  • Your brand identity strengthens.
Embed Instagram Images into Blog Posts - a creative way to Increase Instagram Followers

#3  Add an Instagram Widget to your Website

Driving traffic to and from your different brand spaces online is how to maximise your greatest efforts.

Do not miss the chance to take a connection on a deeper dive so fans can follow you in the place that works best for them.

Get the attention of your fans while they are on your website through a noticeable and accessible Instagram widget, so they can easily check you out on Instagram.


Example of Instagram Widget on Sue B Zimmerman's Website - a creative way to Increase Instagram Followers
Having the Instagram Widget on your website helps people to find you on Instagram


Example of an Instagram Widget on Sue B Zimmerman's website


#4  Don’t Forget the Power of Email

Make sure to remind your “list” that they should be following you on social media so they can more easily connect with you on the go.

This way they will not miss anything you are sharing because often times your content can differ depending on the platform.  You can also give them an example of how they can benefit from connecting outside of the newsletter.

And… remember to add your Instagram account in your email signature, just like this one.  This way, every time I send out an email people know how to find my Instagram profile:

How to Creatively Increase Instagram Followers
Use your email signature to share your Instagram account


#5  Cross Pollinate on Periscope

Periscope has been HUGE for growing my following on Instagram and conneting with my audience.

I teach an Instagram Lesson every time I scope and drive traffic to Instagram from Periscope.

I also do live “Insta Audits” that brings people into my scopes and I have a #SueBSponsor on each scope so I can give live shout outs to all my creative friends!

Sue B Zimmerman on Periscope
Engage with your Instagram audience cross platform


#6  Share Images on Twitter using IFTTT

Why?  Because sharing posts natively from Instagram to Twitter means the image won’t show unless you click on it.

IFTTT is a great tool that allows your Instagram Post to show up as an image in the feed and not as a link.  You only have a split second to get a reader’s attention.

In Twitter that is hard to do without an image and when news is moving so fast.  The IFTTT app makes sure your audience sees what you are talking about every time by posting the Instagram image instead of just the link.

Here is an example of an IFTTT “recipe” to allow you to set this up:

ITTT recipe by Sue B Zimmerman - 7 Creative Ways to Increase Instagram Followers
Setting up an IFTTT recipe is easy


..once the “recipe” is set up in IFTTT then your images will post over to Twitter with the image as a preview (no need to click the link to see it)… like this one:

Example of ITTT Instagram Post to Twitter - a Creative way to Increase Instagram Followers
IFTTT shows your images on Twitter but keep the description short