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The Importance Of Having Interactive Content

importance of having interactive content

Last Updated: June 28, 2022

User experience is more important than ever. Online advertising practices have gotten out of hand, and if brands and publishers listened to users’ concerns, they’d recognize that something had to change: interactive content. It’s entertaining, enjoyable, engaging and most importantly, subtle. This means users are less likely to shut their browser in annoyance and more likely to continue clicking through the site.

What comes to your mind when you think about Interactive Content? Videos? Audio? Whitepapers? Infographics? Blogs? Well, it is a type of content that requires your target audience’s active engagement.

In today’s times, users across the world are not only passively consuming content but they also engage with it in various ways.

This gives an opportunity for Marketers to make the most of their content marketing efforts in driving business growth.

It is of prime importance than ever before that you keep your consumers engaged no matter what!

And here are a few reasons why you should keep doing it!

Here’s Why It Matters

The rate at which interactive content is replacing static advertisements is increasing, as companies realize that interactive content offers certain advantages over traditional advertising. While traditional advertisements are often seen as less engaging and shareable than interactive ones, they also tend to be more expensive.

A Better User Experience

User experience is more important than ever. Online advertising practices across the world have gotten out of hand. If brands & publishers listened to users’ concern regarding content, they’d realise that something had to change: Interactive Content.

Interactive content gives users a better experience. Due to its entertaining, enjoyable, engaging, and most importantly, subtle nature consumers want to click through the site.

Better Shareability

Interactive content has been proven to be much more shareable than traditional text-based posts. It is more likely to go viral because it appeals to the fundamental reason people share things on social media: it captivates them.

Creating interactive content is about more than just making something that looks cool. It’s also about making a piece of writing that people want to share, as well as creating content that will get them to click on an advertisement.

More Relevant Metrics

Brands and publishers can learn more about the effectiveness of their advertisements by analyzing the metrics that come with interactive content. For example, click-through rates on an advertisement are lower than those on a static advertisement, but there is no indication as to why this is happening. Unless marketers know the reason behind this trend, they won’t be able to improve their next piece of content. In addition to traffic and revenue, interactive content also offers social metrics like shares and comments, which allows marketers to learn more about how their content is being received by consumers.

Let’s Get Interactive

Editors of online publications can create engaging editorial content that attracts readers. To do so, however, editors must keep up with the ever-changing online environment by creating new forms of interactive content such as polls and quizzes.

To stay on top of the shifting marketing landscape, it’s important for marketers to create content that’s both engaging and informative. Here are three tips for creating engaging interactive content before you start writing your first piece.

1. Define Goals & Objectives

Before you launch an interactive content campaign, it’s essential to outline your objectives and goals.

Decide whether your interactive content will be a means of building brand awareness, increasing conversions, educating potential consumers, entertaining users or otherwise driving engagement. Is it more important that your interactive content receive a higher engagement rate or a longer play time?

Make sure that you choose the right distribution channels – whether that’s via social media or a third-party site.

2. Too Long – Didn’t Read!

To reiterate, it will be easier to keep your interactive content concise and focused when you outline your objectives and goals. Today, we have attention spans so short that saying an article is too long to read really isn’t an insult anymore. It’s important to keep your interactive content focused on what the title copy promises.

Interactive content, such as polls, quizzes, and video quizzes, allows for a more direct and engaging experience for the viewer. This enables marketers to be sure that their audience is fully engaged throughout.

Here, for instance, Nutella and the Food Network partnered to create an Apester poll — this way, users are engaged and more likely to read through, enjoy, and absorb the rest of the content. The poll received nearly 17,000 engagements with a double-digit click-through-rate and increased time-on-site.

3. A Killer Call to Action

If a user lands on your desired page & engages with its content but fails to subscribe. Because it’s not clear to him!

It is essentially the “text” that prompts visitors to take certain actions. Be it a contact form fill, subscribe to a newsletter or download certain content. Great interactive content is no different!

Placing CTAs strategically can help your interactive content perform really well and help you achieve your goals & objectives.