How Do You Know Who Has Responded?

How Do You Know Who Has Responded?

Survey Respondents

How do you find out who is an ideal survey respondent when it comes to B2B? Getting people who will respond to your survey is a task in itself, B2B or otherwise. Here are a few solutions that Smartinsights has for us.

Option 1: Google Consumer Surveys

It might be branded “consumer surveys” but they have lots of B2B publishers too. You can use segmentation and the tool will find marketers, SMB owners, freelancers etc. It’s also a self-service platform and with low costs (from just 10¢ a response). Google Consumer Surveys hosts all of the questions, it’s not possible just to send them a survey link. It’s a great tool to try if you’re looking for survey responses.

You can’t use the tool to recruit for other types of research. However, you can use the tool to run B2B surveys.

Google Consumer Surveys on web page


You could try Survey Monkey, which works in a very similar way.

Option: 2 Cint

Cint is pretty great. It’s a self-serve tool that has revolutionised “survey sampling”. They don’t own a single panel, they partner with panels and sites that have big, engaged email lists to send your surveys to those users. You’ll need to host the survey and it will need to be on a platform that can work with custom redirects (such as Polldaddy). Prices depend on incidence rate and length of the survey. You cannot use this tool to recruit for external research though.

Cint Panel Book august 2016

Option: 3 Specialist panels

There are indeed specialist B2B panels, naturally incentives and therefore prices are higher than consumer panels. Examples include Atomik research and SSI which both have specialist B2B panels. These panels can be used to recruit B2B demographics for online surveys and other types of online research including user testing.

SSI B2B panel services

Option: 4 Recruiters

If you’re running a focus group, even an online focus group or want to do telephone interviews rather than online surveys, agencies like Saros, Rocket research and PeopleForResearch can find appropriate participants for you, prices depend on the number of participants, generally you’d need to pay incentives which typically need to be higher than consumer. There are agencies that can help you to produce focus group discussion guides and telephone interview questions, plus you can outsource moderation and interviewing too. Recruiters can recruit for online and offline research projects.

Option 5: Your own email list

You could always use your own email lists using freemium customer survey tools, but it might be worth considering panels if you’re looking to top up the numbers.