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Facebook and Google Locked in a Social Media Arms Race


Since Google+ was launched in 2011, the social networking service has pursued the goal to dethrone Facebook, the current king of the mountain. Despite its detractors, Google+ has grown into the second biggest social network in a relatively short span of time. It may not have achieved its goal, but it’s far from disappearing from the social media landscape any time soon.

As Google+ has continued to grow and attempt to keep pace with Facebook, the pair have begun something of a social media arms race acquiring various new technologies to improve their product and achieve, what they believe, is a competitive advantage over the other brand.

Comparing Facebook and Google’s current competition to that of the United States and Soviet Union during the Cold War, this infographic by Who Is Hosting This? compares the two companies’ major acquisitions and moves in recent years and their attempts to gain superiority by incorporating various acquired technologies into their own social media platforms.


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