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Its Twitter stream is a never-ending flow of promotional links. Its Facebook page is much of the same. In fact, many of its social posts are mixed languages as well, potentially confusing or turning off part of its audience. It’s LinkedIn presence is nothing to write home about. If it has a blog, it’s impossible to find.

This doesn’t sound like a successful social company, does it? But it might be the hottest thing in social yet. Here’s why: Almost, if not every mention of it online is a glowing review. People go out of their way to brag about the company. The word-of-mouth metrics on this brand online are through the roof.

But that’s only half the battle. It’s winning the other half, too.
Square credit card reader on an iPadLeaving a doctor’s appointment on Friday, I offered my credit card to cover my co-pay. I saw the assistant reach for the credit card terminal and punch in some buttons and said, “Have you ever considered Square?” She had no idea what I was talking about.

I explained to her the simplicity and intuitiveness of the device plug-in card swipe payment system. I told her the device itself was free. I even pulled out my phone and gave her a tour of the app, showed her how to set up a product and take a payment and suggested she visit a local coffee shop to see it in action.

I am not a paid endorser or advocate of Square. I receive no remuneration for recommending the company. I’ve never even spoken to anyone who works for them. I don’t follow Square on Twitter or “Like” the brand on Facebook.

I don’t subscribe to any of the company’s email lists.
The reason Square is winning with social, on- and off-line, is simple: They created a great product that solves an existing problem in a simple and intuitive way. When you use Square as a business you save money on transaction fees, get your money deposited the next day and have all the accounting documentation you need. When you use it as a customer you enjoy the speed and simplicity and not having to find somewhere to stuff a paper receipt.

Square is a product so good, you can’t help but talk about it. As soon as I saw the “old fashioned” credit card terminal, I instantly thought, “I should tell them about Square.” It made me feel good to recommend it because I was the one who shared a money-saving (nay, more money-making) tip with people I know and encounter on a regular basis. They thanked me then and will likely thank me once they install it, too.

In our teeth-mashing quest to figure out what it takes to be a success in social media, perhaps we should step back a few notches and ask ourselves if we are creating something worth talking about. If not, that’s where we should start.

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