Does Your Brand Have These Snapchat Tricks Up It’s Sleeve?

Magician Hands With Hat And Magic Wand

With new ways to use social media to promote your businesses and people not leaving any stone unturned you need to be ahead in your game. Now that we have a new fish in town that goes by the name of Snapchat, why not use it to its fullest and try to add to your business.

Here we have for you a few tricks that will help you out, as put together by Forbes.

1)  Go beyond Snapchat and use it as an offline/online push mechanic

Stories are all well and good but how about some goddamn ROI you can measure?  Good metrics and analysis will eventually come from the brand (it always does and it’ll always be just rubbish enough to get away with) so make your own.  Create screenshot-able vouchers, use code words for POS, use SMS shortcodes, short URLs to unlock, download and sign-up these snappers.  Don’t rely on a system that is built to make the owner smarter – fish the fishies out with good value mechanics.

2) Grow your following in smarter ways

Beyond promoting your unique snapcode (the yellow ghost icon) across platforms multiple times; the easier way to get people to add your profile is through the custom URL every account has.  The format is simple:  Now why aren’t you putting this under plain text tweets, on printed materials, at the end of every blog post and on

stickers?  The options are endless.  Simply use a masked shortened URL for even more tracking.

3) Create more lines in each snap for more text

This is a simple one but great for snaps that need more info (like voucher snaps).  Use any app that allows you to create empty lines (Buffer, Notes, Email etc) to create four or five empty lines.  Once you have created the blank lines simply copy them and then open Snapchat and tap the “T” icon on any snap and paste int the caption box as you would normally.  Place your cursor on the larger box and start typing on each of your lines.  TOP TIP!  Don’t over do this, look slick not overproduced.

4) Find out if your competitors are following you back

This is a simple but interesting stat you can provide higher ups.  Simply go to “Add Friends” in Snapchat and select add by Username, then type the account your want to check up on and hold down on their username.  If you see the Snapchat score…they’re following you.

5) Create Geofilters…lots of them

Geofilters are on-demand, location-based photo overlays that visitors can use to promote you.  If you want a nice demo for your clients and workers to think you’re “on it”.