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Blast From The Past


How much ever we advance into the future with new technologies, there comes a time when absolutely nothing works and you have to turn to your traditional methods. Here are four old school marketing techniques that still have an impact on how your product or service performs and how popular it is with your audience.

Let’s take a look at what Social Media Hat has in store for us.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

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So, I know you already think I’m crazy. How can direct mail be first on this list? Well the fact is direct mail can be very effective for certain companies. According to Direct Marketing News, the average response rate for B2B and B2C campaigns combined was 4.4% in 2012. Combine this with an average cost per lead of around $50, and this method is still very intriguing for some brands.

Since nothing is safe from the digital creep these days, big data and digital marketing is infiltrating the Direct Mail industry at a rapid pace. Marketing departments are using advanced analytics to tailor their campaigns so they only mail to qualified prospects. Many companies are also integrating a multi-pronged approach to accompany their direct mail with social media and other digital touches to maximize exposure to their brand.

Promotional Products

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Who doesn’t need another pen right? Well promotional products, or ad specialties, have long since moved beyond the pens and refrigerator magnets of yore. Almost any product can be personalized with a logo or a message these days. The Advertising Specialties Institute boasts a product catalog of nearly half a million products!

So why would you buy promotional products to promote your brand? Well the common sense answer is that you’re giving someone something with your logo to take away and see over and over. The average cost per impression is around half a penny for the entire industry. If you choose the right products, you can actually build a team of brand ambassadors spreading your message while you don’t lift a finger.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows

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Does anyone ever get business from a trade show? Of course they do. Big brands use trade shows to remind everyone in the industry that they are still going strong, and new brands use trade shows to get the word out about their product or service. There’s no other way to get in front of more qualified prospects in one room than a trade show.

Successful trade show strategies of today involve using data and outreach before the show, engaging prospects during, and following up effectively afterward. Companies that are taking to social media to let their contacts know they will be at a trade show have a better chance of meeting one of their three main goals-brand awareness, lead generation, and relationship building.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing