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7 Ways To Use Social Media To Find Your Perfect Job


Finding a job today is a full-time job that requires determination and persistence.

Whether you’re currently unemployed, or employed but looking for a better job, the process can be frustrating and time consuming without having done the proper research or a network to lean on.

With social media, every professional from a recent college graduate to a C-level executive has access to the same tools and resources that makes the job search process easier than one might think.

Here are my seven favorite resources for helping people find a new career using social media.

1. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups, take advantage of this feature and join the maximum number.

By joining a group, LinkedIn grants you access to connect with members of the group that helps you grow your first-degree network and communicate through direct messaging. For job seekers, having access to recruiters and hiring managers is a valuable commodity.

In addition to HR/recruiting groups, join groups that are relevant to your industry or profession.

Top LinkedIn groups for job seekers include:

Linked:HR (#1 Human Resources Group)
Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections (1.7 million members)
The Recruiter Network (#1 Group for Recruiters)

2. Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a great way to engage in dialogue with job search experts, mostly recruiters, and grow your network too.

Twitter chats such as #JobHuntChat (every Monday at 10pm EST) #HFChat (Friday’s at noon EST) and #TChat (Wednesdays at 7pm EST) are free, can be followed from your PC or mobile device, and feature career advice and tips from HR professionals, employers, recruiters, resume writers, and job seekers too.

3. Twitter Experts

Overall, Twitter is a great resource for job seekers. It provides users with access to follow, and engage, with social media rock stars, brands, and recruiters behind the brands.

Today, most companies place a major emphasis on social media for recruiting so it’s not too hard to find recruiters at major brands on Twitter. Following job-related Twitter experts also provides job seekers with insight related to job openings, tips, and access to some of the top hiring brands.

Good job-search Twitter experts to follow are:

@JobHuntOrg: Susan Joyce (real name) has created a list of the top recruiting brands on Twitter at: Follow these company handles for daily job updates. Susan’s tweets mostly direct users to valuable career articles.
@Blogging4Jobs: Jessica Merrill is one of my favorite people to follow on social media, period. Her blog is a powerful HR and recruiting resource. In addition, her tweets provide job seekers with insight from an insider point of view.
@alevit: Alexandra Levit is a workplace author and go-to expert for trends, including skills college grads can use to get hired. Tweets include everything from Gen Y advice to ways to reduce stress.
Click here for a full list of the Top 100 HR resources/experts on Twitter.

4. Facebook Career Pages:

While most Facebook users tend to overlook its usefulness as a resource for job hunting, several notable brands actively have a Facebook presence for recruiting.

Not only do brands maintain career pages to post jobs but most recruiters use Facebook as a search tool to screen candidates. In addition to job openings, use Facebook pages to learn more about the company/brand.

Some great career pages on Facebook include:

Home Depot Careers
Verizon Careers
Publix Careers

5. Social Meetup Sites:

Use sites like Meetup or Eventbrite to search for job events in your area and see who you may know already that’s attending one of these events.

Whether it’s a networking mixer or a job fair, you can begin to engage for these events well ahead of time by leveraging social media to build conversation and awareness. If you’re job hunting, engage with the event organizers and if you get lucky you might just wind up with a listing of what employers will be there.

6. Your Own Blog:

Writing and creating content on your own is one of the best ways to prove you should be in a certain role without even interviewing.

While blogs are often overlooked, they provide for great validation in lieu thereof a traditional resume or portfolio. If you’re not savvy with WordPress, or Tumblr, inquire about guest blogging for a site that aligns with your expertise or industry.

7. Finally, Your Personal Social Network:

Your biggest asset in social media is your own social network. If you’re actively engaging on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook you should be well on your way to building key relationships and your own brand identity.

In a time of need, or crisis, your personal social network can help you discover opportunities which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. My advice to job seekers, start within your inner circles before you let the world know that you’re actively searching.

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