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6 Ways To An Insane Marketing Strategy Using Snapchat


Snapchat seems to be taking over these days. Here we are trying to get used to the existing tools and their constant updates while the generation today is hooked on to Snapchat.

Would it be of any use to those of use who are looking to promote our business and up our game in the market if we used Snapchat as a means to do so?

Lets’s find out.

6 Tricks Of The Snapchat Trade

We have for you a few tips on how to incorporate Snapchat into your marketing strategy, compiled by Top Rank Marketing.

#1 – Add Value for Everyone

Brands should try to add value to each person that they share their Snapchat stories with, and that value should be present throughout the entire story. Snapchat can be an incredibly effective way to build brand affinity (especially with Millennials) and with all of the options available to them today, they have to see themselves in the content you’re publishing.

#2 – Be Innovative, But Don’t Strive for Protection

According to these Snapchat experts, this platform is a great way to try something new that doesn’t have a ton of risk associated with it. Understanding how to create the perfect snap will be largely dependent on how your audience responds to different types of content that you create.

That means, companies just starting out shouldn’t be afraid to do something innovative or interesting to initially catch the attention of the Snapchat audience. This helps relieve some of the pressure that many brands are likely experiencing when trying to create a strategy without having first tested the platform and trying a few things to see what resonates.

#3 – Give a “Behind-the-Scenes” Look

Both of the marketers from L’Oreal and the San Diego Chargers strongly recommend giving a behind-the-scenes look at your organization to draw in new users, and engage your existing ones. Some of those that have performed the best featured high profile celebrities in a way that fans may have never seen them before.

This is a good opportunity to showcase the raw or real story behind these brands and the celebrities that work with them.

#4 – Allow Influencers to do a Snapchat “Takeover”

One of the topics that all of the panelists unanimously agreed on was the benefit of the Snapchat takeover. Allowing someone that is influential to your fans takeover your Snapchat account for a day can be a way to draw attention to your message.

Sometimes it can be scary if you aren’t exactly sure what they’ll say or do so you’ll need to set a realistic game plan beforehand but let the influencer run with it. Why? There is a reason you wanted to collaborate with them and the more they can be genuine, the more successful this type of campaign can be.

#5 – Don’t Be Afraid to Test But Be Realistic About ROI

Currently, it seems that Snapchat is best used as a mechanism for growing your audience and creating ongoing engagements. While some companies like the San Diego Chargers have used it to manage sweepstakes (one of which received 6,000 submissions in less than 24 hours), you need to be realistic about your expectations for conversions solely based on Snapchat.

Marketers have experienced the same struggle with other social media platforms providing conversions. While there may not be a direct conversion from one social message (or snap) it is part of the process of leading customers through the buying cycle, as well as building brand affinity and trust.

#6 – Take Advantage of Snapchat’s Features

A good Snapchat strategy won’t fulfill everything your audience is looking for immediately, but instead gives them small nuggets of information that make them hungry for more.

Some of the suggestions included utilizing many of the different tools available within the platform to add vibrancy and a mix of drawings and text to keep your audience scanning and engaged with the message.