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5 Ways to Use Social Media as a Networking Strategy


Social media’s value for brand-building, sales, and customer engagement is regularly discussed and debated. But one area that’s frequently overlooked is its incredible networking ROI, especially for introverts who may eschew large, noisy professional gatherings.

As an author, consultant, and business school professor, here are five ways I’ve personally used social media to enhance my networking and develop lasting professional relationships.

5 Ways to Use Social Media for Networking

1. Conduct Interviews

As I discuss in my book Stand Out, interviews – for blogs, podcasts, or web video programs – can be a powerful way to break through the line of supplicants trying to snag the attention of industry leaders. Instead of approaching them to beg for a cup of coffee or a chance to “pick their brain,” you move to the front of the line when you offer to interview them and share it online.

2. Leverage Your Content

Interviewing someone is great; it’s even better if you can find multiple ways to extract value from that conversation. One master of this is Roger Dooley, who was kind enough to interview me for his podcast. But he didn’t stop there; he also wrote three different blog posts based on our conversation (including this one). That’s certainly memorable as a networking strategy; who wouldn’t be grateful for so much play? In turn, of course, I’m writing about Roger here and will look for other opportunities to spread the word about him. (In my free Stand Out Self-Assessment Workbook, I offer additional ideas about how to leverage your content.)

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