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20 Ideas for Engaging Social Media Content

Content is what drives people to surf Facebook, play videos on YouTube and subscribe to blogs. The more engaging the content, the more likely it is to be shared.


1. Formal interviews which are arranged in advance with prepared Q&A

2. Casual impromptu video interviews

3. Presentations either in part or full and full edited or unedited

4. Videos of products that show how they can be used

5. “How To” videos that instruct and teach

6. Get people’s feedback or comments about your product, service or store. This will provide authentic and real testimonials that money cannot buy.


7. Share PowerPoint and open office presentations privately with colleagues and clients

8. Share publicly with the world

9. Publish documents from MSOffice, OpenOffice and iWorks

10. Upload PDF’s that educate and inform


11. Images with creative designs that visually present a concept

12. Photos from events demonstrate active participation in your industry and can provide high credibility through association

13. Images that display your products or services with all their details and features

14. Appropriate photos of your staff at work and outside the office will provide a personal insight


15. White papers – Typically topical reports that are generally 8-12 pages in length

16. eBooks – Can be 20-100 pages in length and can be free (in the short form) and maybe sold in the longer format. Presents complex information that is visually attractive

17. Case Studies – Customer and readers love case studies that validate strategies and tactics. They are typically 1-2 pages long, with the narrative structure of a story and are based upon real life events.

18. Enewsletter – It can be purely text based or you can create HTML formats that includes images, links and optimized for a social web making it easy for people to share with their friends


19. Podcasts – Pre-recorded presentations either by one person or a goup that discuss on a topic that educates and solves problems for your listeners

20. Live on-line radio shows with interviews of experts


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Source – [SocialMediaToday]