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10 Things To Keep In Mind While Designing A Website


Internet usage has increased so much in recent times that a company can no longer hope to expand its business without a winning website that sets it apart from its competitors. But designing a great website is not an easy task by any means. The perfect website is not only a visual masterpiece, but also functional, effective, and most importantly, easy to use.

To make the process of designing a website a little easier, AddPeople, one of the biggest and most popular Internet Marketing agencies in the UK, recently came out with an infographic with the 10 basic things every website should have.

1. A Responsive Web Design

With mobile browsing slated to overtake fixed Internet access in a few years, it is no wonder that a responsive website design, which adjusts automatically to the screen size of your device, is at the number one spot on their list. Apparently, more than 40 percent of consumers don’t hesitate to jump to a competitor’s website if they feel that your website is not responsive enough.

2. Branding – Logo, Font, Colors

Branding – your company’s logo, font and colors – is another important aspect of a website which helps establish your brand’s identity and builds consumer trust. Not convinced? The below infographic says that

66% of consumers are ready to shell out more money for a product if the brand can project a positive branding experience.

3. Image Quality

Have you been using generic stock photos on your website all this while? If so, it is time to change. Sharp, professional images can not only sell your products better, but they also improve click-throughs on your website. Experts say that websites with good images have nearly 50% higher conversion rates.

4. Ease of Navigation

An easy-to-use, navigation friendly website provides the user a great experience and increases your conversion rates by 18.5%. Remember, a first-time customer won’t have any qualms jumping to a competitor’s website if you make it difficult for him to find the product or information he is looking for.

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