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Roles & Descriptions


  • Must be passionate about social media
  • Complete management of social media profiles
  • Must have a good command over English language
  • Constant monitoring and improving of campaigns
  • Engage in dialogues and monitor customer issues
  • Monitor trending topics and increase virality
  • Come up with viral contest and promotional ideas
  • Analyse reports to improve effectiveness

GRAPHIC Designer

  • Must be passionate about designing for web and print
  • Should have good knowledge in Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Creating cover-art graphics for social media profiles
  • Should know how to create viral graphics for social media
  • The ability to convert data in cool info-graphics for web
  • Must be quick in understanding and implementing ideas

CAMPAIGN Manager (PPC & Email)

  • The ability to setup amazing PPC campaigns
  • Expert in Facebook PPC, Google PPC, Youtube PPC & Twitter PPC
  • Must have a command over English & copywriting skills
  • Constant monitoring and improving of campaigns
  • Should have handled Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Analyse reports to improve effectiveness

CONTENT Writer (Copywriter)

  • Must be passionate about writing content for web and social
  • Should have a flair for writing captions & status updates
  • Must have some basic idea on direct response Copywriting
  • Must be crazy enough to come up with viral content ideas
  • Should write SEO Blog posts focused around keywords
  • Must be quick in understanding and implementing ideas

WordPress Designer / Developer

  • Must have worked with & built complete websites in WordPress
  • Must have HTML5 / CSS3 & Photoshop Skills
  • Must have Responsive Web Design Expertise
  • Must be a proactive, analytical thinker
  • Basic knowledge of website optimisation, best practices & SEO
  • Bonus: Knowledge of Jquery, Ajax, Bootstrap & other current development frameworks

We are looking for talented folks with a super attitude, communication, mindset and a passion to contribute! All the money, fun and personal growth will automatically follow..

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