8 Dynamic Ways to Become a Powerful Influencer

How to Convert Your Social Media Followers into Paying Customers

Before we begin, you should ask yourself the question: What does being an influencer mean and how can it affect your life for the better? An influencer is essentially a person that others look up to, turn to for advice, respect and even copy to a certain extent. As an influencer, you have the power to help change people and situations for the better. Here are 8 ways you can become one of those people.

Affect the Masses

Being an influencer means influencing people on a large scale. You simply cannot call yourself an influencer if you aren’t accomplishing this. Although it can seem like a daunting task, it may be simpler than you think. A great way to do this is to learn skill sets that many others would love to master and then pass on your knowledge through local groups, public speaking or events. If you can find a simpler or easier way to master the skill sets, more power to you. You’re already well on your way.

Think Bigger

To be an influencer, you need to be continually aiming for bigger and better goals. This doesn’t mean you should set unrealistic goals that can’t be reached, but it does mean you should push yourself, push the limits and strive for better things. You won’t accomplish it if you never try.

Create Opportunities

Creating opportunities for others adds value to their lives and will almost always ensure they will remain loyal to you. Helping others accomplish their goals, providing opportunities for their growth or success and enabling them to achieve something they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise is one of the best methods for becoming an influencer.

Follow the Trends

If something is “trending” it’s usually for a reason; the reason being that it’s something people are looking for. It’s the same concept as supply and demand. Keep your finger on the pulse of the current trends, observe the current influencers in that trend and learn how you can add more value or easier solutions in that trend.

Apply What You’re Learning

Influencers make decisions that bring them closer to their goals. Instead of picking up a book at random to read in your leisure time, pick one that applies to your situation, what you’re trying to accomplish and that can help to get you there. One you do, apply the principles to your life right away. That’s how you can utilize your time and energy wisely to get the best results.

Follow Systems

All humans are fallible, which means that to be successful as an influencer you must set up an effective system. Following systematic methods is the fastest way to reach your goals. It may take time to perfect the system, but it is by far the most efficient way to work as well as the most effective solution, saving time in the long run.

Help Others More than Yourself

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to accomplish what you want is to help others accomplish what they want. When you enable others’ success, your own is enabled in the same way. Learn skill sets that you can use to lessen others’ struggles and you will receive the same in return.

Show up Everyday

Fact: Consistency builds trust. Without the trust of others, you cannot be a powerful influencer. Showing up for others consistently will build their faith and trust in you which will lead to your ability to influence others in many other ways as well.

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Blast From The Past

Old School Marketing

How much ever we advance into the future with new technologies, there comes a time when absolutely nothing works and you have to turn to your traditional methods. Here are four old school marketing techniques that still have an impact on how your product or service performs and how popular it is with your audience.

Let’s take a look at what Social Media Hat has in store for us.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Image via Flickr by rubenerd

So, I know you already think I’m crazy. How can direct mail be first on this list? Well the fact is direct mail can be very effective for certain companies. According to Direct Marketing News, the average response rate for B2B and B2C campaigns combined was 4.4% in 2012. Combine this with an average cost per lead of around $50, and this method is still very intriguing for some brands.

Since nothing is safe from the digital creep these days, big data and digital marketing is infiltrating the Direct Mail industry at a rapid pace. Marketing departments are using advanced analytics to tailor their campaigns so they only mail to qualified prospects. Many companies are also integrating a multi-pronged approach to accompany their direct mail with social media and other digital touches to maximize exposure to their brand.

Promotional Products

Promotional Products

Image via Flickr by steeveleenow

Who doesn’t need another pen right? Well promotional products, or ad specialties, have long since moved beyond the pens and refrigerator magnets of yore. Almost any product can be personalized with a logo or a message these days. The Advertising Specialties Institute boasts a product catalog of nearly half a million products!

So why would you buy promotional products to promote your brand? Well the common sense answer is that you’re giving someone something with your logo to take away and see over and over. The average cost per impression is around half a penny for the entire industry. If you choose the right products, you can actually build a team of brand ambassadors spreading your message while you don’t lift a finger.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Image via Flickr by ThinkGeoEnergy

Does anyone ever get business from a trade show? Of course they do. Big brands use trade shows to remind everyone in the industry that they are still going strong, and new brands use trade shows to get the word out about their product or service. There’s no other way to get in front of more qualified prospects in one room than a trade show.

Successful trade show strategies of today involve using data and outreach before the show, engaging prospects during, and following up effectively afterward. Companies that are taking to social media to let their contacts know they will be at a trade show have a better chance of meeting one of their three main goals-brand awareness, lead generation, and relationship building.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing


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Get An Engaging Snapchat Story With These Cool Tips

Engaging Snapchat Stories

If you all may have noticed there is growing in trend in which businesses are using rich media to promote their business. Videos are the new images. In this situation you tend to venture out into new forms of media that allow you to portray your business in the form of videos and mini stories.

One such media that will help you with this is Snapchat. Given the fact that the young generation is pretty hooked on to this form of media, it serves as a great opportunity for business if they want to tap into the youth market. Here are a few tips on how you can engage your audience with the help of Snapchat, courtesy of HubSpot.

What is a Snapchat Story?

Before we get started, let’s review the differences between a Snap and a Story:

  • Snap: A direct photo or video message from one Snapchat user to their Snapchat Friend (or several). Snaps disappear 1-10 seconds after they are first opened, and they can be customized
  • Story: A photo or video message Snapchat users can view for 24 hours and as many times as they choose within that timeframe. Brands share Stories to engage with a larger audience for a longer period of time.

In this post, we’re going to specifically zoom in on what goes into creating a successful Snapchat Story, but you can refer to our Snapchat for Business ebook for a more comprehensive look at Snapchat strategy.

How to Create a Snapchat Story

Before You Share

1) Experiment.

My colleague, HubSpot Social Media Manager Marissa Breton, recommends that before stepping behind the helm of a brand’s Snapchat, users play with the Snapchat sharing and editing functionalities with a personal account.

The most engaging Snapchat content is authentic to the voice and personality of a brand, so experimenting with what Stories your personal Snapchat friends engage with will be great preparation. To learn more about opening a personal or brand Snapchat account, check out Breton’s article on how to use Snapchat for business.

2) Adjust your privacy settings.

Additionally, you should change your Settings so Everyone can see your Stories, instead of just My Friends to promote greater visibility for your brand.

You can navigate to your Settings by pressing theGhost_white_icon-863326664.png icon at the top of your Snapchat view, then by pressing the gear icon, then adjusting who can view your Story under “Who Can…”

Creating a Snapchat Story

1) Take a Snap.

Snapchat opens to the camera view, so you can tap the Camera_circle_icon_small-595773352.jpg icon to take a photo or press and hold it to record a video.

You can add a lens if you are sharing a photo or video selfie by pressing down on your face until different lens options appear, such as the one pictured below:


Source: Snapchat

2) Customize your Snap.

Now comes the fun part: Deciding how you want to make your Snap Story unique.


Source: Snapchat

Once you take a Snap, you have a few options:

    • Discard your story by pressing the “X” icon in the top left.
    • Add emojis by pressing the post-it icon, then choosing a fun icon that fit your brand’s voice.


  • Add a caption by tapping on the image or video and typing into the gray bar.


  • Add a doodle by tapping the pencil icon and using your finger to scribble on the screen.


  • Add a filter by swiping left on your Snap. (Pro Tip: If you want to use two filters on a photo or video, hold one thumb down on the first filter, then continue swiping left until you decide on the perfect filter combo.)


There are more filters to choose from based on where you are located while Snapping. These are called Geofilters, and they provide another layer of individualization and connection with your local audience. To access this feature, you’ll need to adjust your setting first, as shown below.

You can also pay to make a custom, on-demand Geofilter using your own design. This is a great way to engage your followers if you host an event.


Source: Snapchat

  • Adjust the duration of how long your Story plays using the stopwatch icon. The maximum length of an individual Snap is 10 seconds, however you can create multiple Snaps to add to your Story to achieve a longer effect.


  • Save your Story to your phone’s photo album by clicking on the icon indicated below:


  • Share the Snap to your Story by clicking the icon indicated below. This will share the photo or video with your Snapchat friends, or anyone if you made your account public.


  • Send your Snap to Friends and share it on your Story by tapping the blue arrow.


When you publish a Snapchat Story, it lives on your profile for 24 hours, during which viewers can check it out as many times as they would like. Most brands and individuals publish multiple images/videos in a string that can serve as the narrative of their Story, live-sharing, or simply a fun collage.


Source: Snapchat

You can also publish your Snapchat Story on a Live Story, a compilation of Snaps and Stories submitted by users at different events worldwide. If you’re near a location or event that is being featured on a Live Story by Snapchat, you have the option to select “My Story” and “Live Story” when selecting the blue arrow to share your Snap. If your Story is selected for the Live Story, anyone will be able to view your photo or video, and more people will be exposed to your brand.


Source: Snapchat

After You Share

1) Save your Story.

Snapchat recently introduced Memories, where you can save Snaps and Stories to your account to prevent them from disappearing after 24 hours. From Memories, you can share new Stories, edit and view past ones, and re-share past Stories on your profile (for example, to commemorate events).


Source: Snapchat

2) Track your results.

Breton notes in her article that one of Snapchat’s weaknesses is its analytics: The only data you can pull refer to views (Screen_Shot_2016-05-09_at_12.36.07_PM.png), replies, and screenshots (Snapchat_screenshots.png) — and those numbers are only available within the 24-hour timeframe of you publishing a Story.

To view your own Story and to pull these numbers:

  1. Swipe left on the Camera screen to reach the Stories screen.
  2. Tap the circular thumbnail of your Story, or the three gray dots on the right-hand side.
  3. Tap each individual Snap to view the number of views and screenshots.

By tracking these numbers for each Story, and viewing how they evolve over time, you can glean a rough idea of how your Snapchat influence and following is growing.

Breton suggests analyzing clickthrough rate to determine how many people are viewing every image or video that you share in your Story through to the end. Are some viewing the first Snap or two, but not the entire series? Analyzing these numbers will help you decide which types of content perform best, and how many Snaps you should be publishing in your Stories to best connect with your audience.

4 Tips for Creating Great Snapchat Stories

Content creators and community managers, rejoice: With only 10 seconds available per Snap, your Story won’t require the production lift that’s typical of blog posts, ebooks, or social media campaigns on other networks.

Take advantage of the extra time Snapchat allots you to strategize how to make your Stories as strong and engaging as possible. Here are a few suggestions to get you headed on the right path:

1) Experiment with the format.

Breton suggests taking advantage of the ease of Snap Story production by experimenting with how different types of Stories perform when you first start sharing. Test how your followers engage with:

  • Videos vs. photos
  • Selfies vs. shooting other subjects
  • Background sound vs. no sound


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Awesome Ways To Use Pop Culture In Your Content Strategy

Pop Culture and Content strategy

Do you also want to boast about maximized content engagement? The key here is to incorporate crowd pullers into your content strategy and here is how you do it, as put together by Dream Grow.

Nowadays, you can find various crowdcultures around such topics as fantasy films (where there can be thousands of sub-branches including Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Wars and the like). 3D printing, zombies (that is a separate topic that can take more than 10 volumes to write about), etc.

Social media has expanded these topics. With a few easy clicks, you can find the most popular websites that suggest breaking news on everything catchy and alluring for the audience.

Let’s try to make your content viral and grow your traffic on the pop culture yeast.

Step 1 – Tap into a Viral Trend

First, you should find a phenomenon that is on the peak of its viral growing tendency.

The best ways to discover the most well-known topics, stories, and trends are thoroughly described by Search Engine Watch. It is obvious that if such a search item “Royal Wedding” was on top of the hottest news searches in 2011, it will be far from top in 2016. Have a look at the comparison result from Google Trends (I have randomly taken “Star Wars” as a second search item):


Star Wars vs. Royal Wedding search statistics in 2016

The same is when we talk about personalities. Donald Trump was the fourth on the list of top trending people in 2015, while now he outnumbers the top searched person in 2015, Lamar Odom.


Donald Trump vs. Lamar Odom search statistics in 2016

However, that doesn’t mean that you should choose Donald Trump or Star Wars to start making their fans crazy. Just cast an eye at the following screen shot to have a clue what I’m talking about:


Donald Trump vs. Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones search statistics in 2016

Yeah, Game of Thrones has become a giant that engulfs everything in social media and on the Internet in general. I’m not inclined to fantasy very much, but it has stirred my imagination, when I started thinking about the amount of traffic they may bring. Game of Thrones’ traffic explosion was even given a huge appreciation post by Ehren Goossens on SimilarWeb.

That doesn’t mean (of course) that you should immediately run to your website and post something about Game of Thrones or its characters. No, that would be ridiculous. You should drab the juice of the idea – choose a trend wisely.

Step 2 – Add a Spicy Element

What I mean here is anything that will stir people’s imagination and make them like your content.

First, begin with a title. Use the words that convert. Such items as “because”, “amazing”, “new”, “secret” and 185 other words are among them. You may also use time indicators like “2016”, “review”, and the like.

Another thing – mind-blowing words like “naked”, “kiss”, “bed scenes”, etc. Just have a look at the question on Quora that just bursts with the views, followers, and answers.


Game of Thrones popularity in Quora

Well, I’m not against them, but be smart – don’t make your content vulgar and low-minded.

A bit of controversy has never been extra. It was actually the element that contributed greatly to The Renegade Pharmacist’s post about a can of coke. According to Ahrefs case study, the coke info-graphic was shared by such mammoth-like Internet contagious bugs as The Huffington Post, The Telegraph, etc.

A spicy element is what can make your readers feel strong emotions. It spices their brains and lets them feel awesome. Such emotions as outrage are also emotions. But don’t go too far.

Step 3 – Take an Action

Acting is one of the most necessary steps here. What do you usually do, when you have written the article and posted it? Yep, you share it. Share your work everywhere. But again – don’t go too far and don’t invade all social media at once.

Or – if you are so eager to share it everywhere you are registered, you can divide the share time into parts. What I mean – share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn the day it is published, the next day share it on the other 4 social media, and so on. Thus, you’ll have a good deal of shares, but they won’t seem very spammy and intrusive.

More than that, you may ask people to share it. One very delicate moment – don’t beg and plead. That won’t work. Just say in your message/e-mail that you have written an article and if a person you are writing to would like to have a look at it. Then, after you get an answer, you may send the link.

Taking an action also implies something very tangible. It may be even something like throwing Felix Baumgartner from outer space, just like Red Bull did.redbull-stratos-campaign

Red Bull Stratos

And that’s how many that backlinks and shares they got:


Red Bull Stratos Statistics

Step 4 – Share at the Right Time and in the Right Place

That’s what happened to the info-graphic with a can of coke we have talked about earlier. Niraj from The Renegade Pharmacist shared it on Reddit and hundreds of people immediately saw it.


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It’s Time For A Lesson In Content Strategy!

Lesson in Content Strategy

The key to generating awesome content is to cash in on any opportunity that comes your way and make it work for you and the rest in the best way possible. Here is a live case study on how Visa made use of the Rio Olympics, and gave birth to a win win situation with the help of a kick ass content strategy, as put together by Unmetric.

The Olympics is a great opportunity for brands to create engaging content around. There are few other events that happen at such a huge scale, which can engage global audiences, spread across different age groups. While that opportunity seems promising, it is equally daunting. How do you speak to such a diverse audience with the same content? I decided to look to the sponsors of the Rio Olympics 2016, for best practices. That paid off.  I hope to show you the best Posts and what particular aspect, IMO, got them so much engagement.


As a brand that excels on Social Media, their Olympics game is pretty much on point. Spread across their various geo-targeted Facebook pages, they have published a bunch of extremely engaging content. Carpool to Rio, a video that captured the spirit of the Olympics and the brand with equal zest was extremely engaging. It goes to the credit of the video that VISA was able to use it across their different pages.

Check out their top Posts:

Visa Brazil


Visa Brazil got the most engagement among all the pages that shared the Carpool to Rio video. This is only natural given the venue of the Olympics. It got over eight million views and over 70,000 Likes, almost a thousand ‘Love’s and a thousand other reactions.

Visa United States

This is only one among a series of Posts with photos of this sort that VISA did. One of the reasons this brought in so much engagement is because they featured athletes from each country. This Post feature Ibtihaj Muhammad, who is the first Muslim woman who wears a hijab to qualify for the US Olympic team. Check out this Post from Visa Thailand that features Raheleh Asimani.

Visa Mexico

The other content type that won big for VISA was brilliant GIFs. What I like best is the simplicity of the message and its flawless execution. It showcased how VISA is all Olympians all around the world need to travel to Rio.

Here are 4 things that VISA completely knocked out of the park:

  • Copy: Kudos to the copywriter for finding a seamless fit between the brand motto ‘Accepted Everywhere’ and the journey to Rio.
  • Placing the event at the heart of the content: From just the examples listed above, you can see how VISA has put Olympics and athletes center stage. This does not dilute the attention the brand receives as VISA comes across as an integral part of the journey to Rio.


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